Leading Innovation, Accelerating Growth

Executive development program exploring the best new ideas and practical tools for

Growth + Innovation + Leadership

“Leading Innovation, Accelerating Growth” is a three-day executive development program for business leaders who want to innovate and grow in a fast-changing world. It will be stretching and challenging, but also applied to your business and highly practical. It will be facilitated by Professor Peter Fisk, a global thought leader in strategy and innovation, author of the bestselling Gamechangers, and advisor to business leaders around the world.

Markets are volatile and uncertain, winners rise and loser fall, competition intensifies and customer have a relentless desire for better. Of course biggest is not always best. Market share is rarely a measure of success today. Growth is typically found in profitable niches, where you can grow further, focused and faster.

The best organisations are exponential – they harness technology, but also new business and market models – physical and digital – to accelerate value creation. Think about how WhatsApp created $19bn value in just three years, Uber $60bn in 4 years, Xiaomi $70bn in 5 years or Alibaba $130bn in 11 years. At the same time, its about ensuring that revenues and profitability follow the valuations.

Finding fast growth means opening your eyes to new opportunities – to the fast growth markets of Asia, Africa and South America, or to the new consumers, such as women, millennials and boomers. It means redefining purpose in a way that is relevant, refocusing strategy on markets, and particular the new profit pools, and innovating business models and customer experiences for growth. It also means ensuring that growth is profitable – it is easy to be big, but to create profits, and sustained value, is much harder.

What are the growth engines of business today?

Markets– finding the best spaces for growth in existing and new markets, for example in new geographies, in niche segments, in adjacent markets, or elsewhere –  in the past we assuming that we continue to focus on the same domains, today growth starts with choice of markets.

Customers– redefining your business around what your target customers seek to achieve, rather than what you do, gives you huge space to meet their needs better through more joined-up and relevant solutions – enabling them to achieve more, and you to create and capture more value.

Networks – forget the old thinking about core capabilities where you had to produce and distribution everything, find the best opportunities and ideas, then bring together the right partners to exploit it. Similarly with customers, they trust each other more than brands and distributors. Networks have an exponential effect, on supply and demand.

Business models– rethinking the way your business works, in particular the different revenues and cost streams. Consider alternative business models, such as freemium, subscription or time-based –to generate income, to engage customers in more distinctive ways, and drive more profitable sustainable growth in a dynamic world.

Leading – in today’s market requires new ideas, and new ways of working. Inspired by the world’s most innovative companies right now, we explore what leaders do to drive innovation and growth – how to create the future in your own vision, to inspire your people and customers. and to ensure that it happens fast and effectively. Get ready to change your world!


1. To make sense of a fast-changing business world, and where the best new opportunities lie to create disruption and create new growth for your business

2. To develop a “gamechanger” strategy for your business, based on how you can rethink the definition and ways in which your market works, and shape it to your advantage.

3. To drive more radical innovation in your market by embracing new tools, in particular design thinking, innovation spectrums and new business models.

4. To be a more effective leader in driving this change, in a way that engages customers and employees, and accelerates the delivery of business performance.


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