Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2019

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2019: Iconic Moves

Mike Rocha and his team produce a fantastic global brand ranking each year which captures the zeitgeist in a rapidly changing world of how we think about brands. However beyond the ranking, the inevitable brand heroes and interesting risers, the mind-boggling valuation numbers, lies real insight.

This year it is about a shift from thinking about “positioning” which I have never liked as a strategic component of a brand, to the concept of  “iconic moves”.

Loyalty is shifting. Competition is exponential. Innovation spreads rapidly. And in today’s world, customer expectation moves faster than the fastest business. In today’s world, staying ahead becomes more challenging every day.

Interbrand’s “Best Global Brands 2019” report explores what is now, and point to what is next. These are the brands that are staying relevant in the most competitive of environments. Whether it’s Amazon’s immediacy, Spotify’s abundance or Netflix’s intimacy, the impact of each brand ripples across every aspect of life and line of business.

Speed matters. This years’ report focuses on:

  • The 100 Best Global Brands, including key takeaways of the Top Growing and New Entrants
  • 20 years of brand value trends and detailed sector analysis on the key categories from the Top 100 Brands
  • Insights into the 10 Brand Strength factors, and how Brand Strength drives sustainable brand growth and management
  • A deep dive into Iconic Moves: exploring how the most relevant brands leap ahead of customer expectation and shift the market

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