Genius Facilitation Techniques for Business Workshops and Events

I’ve spent the last 25 years facilitating workshops, team events, conferences and executive retreats all around the world.

  • How do you effectively engage everyone?
  • Which types of technique works best, for who and when?
  • What really delivers the best outcomes?

Be the challenge a new corporate strategy, innovative ideas, problem solving, or new learning, there are a huge number of facilitation options, formats and techniques to get the most out of people, time and being together.

Here are some of the more popular facilitation techniques:

  • Fish Bowl
  • World Cafe
  • Open Space
  • Speed Geeking
  • Model Building
  • People Bingo
  • Future Backwards
  • Wicked Questions

… and hundreds more, which you can explore in the attachment, click below.

On top of this, it’s about setting the right mindset to explore, imagine and engage. This is about

  • Context and content – the theme and structure of the event, from the title and objectives, through to inspirational ideas and insights to get people thinking, including speakers and leaders.
  • Surrounding and stimulus – the venue, activities and format – from mountain climbing to team projects which accelerate internal developments or direct actions, plus music, food and more.

In the last 25 years we’ve done some amazing events – form the K2 Challenge with an investment bank, to cruising the Mediterranean with tech execs, underground caving and rockstar song writing!

Email me at to explore how we can design and deliver a great workshop or event, together.

Download the file for Genius Facilitation Techniques for Business Workshops and Events