“Gamechangers” by Peter Fisk (in Arabic)

“Hello Tomorrow” proclaims the bold advertising of Emirates. Indeed the airline has soared ahead of its global challeners in recent years, focusing on a strategy not just to compete, but to change the world of travel.

Arabic businesses and brands are on the rise. They now have the ambition and resources to be the best in the world. Al Jazzeera gives the world a different view of what’s happening, Emaar astounds the world with the scale of its constructions, and Etisalat is building a global network of partners.  Jumeirah extends its hospitality to new destinations, Mobily recognises that technology has the power to do more than connect people, whilst Savola extends its food brands in response to changing culture and taste.

I have worked extensively across the Middle East from Egypt and Lebanon to KSA and UAE in many different businesses – food and drink, telecoms and tech, retail and travel, start-ups and stock exchanges. Over the last decade I have seen a huge change in both capability and action. Projects have included developing new insights and business strategies, brand extensions and marketing communications, embedding creativity and accelerating innovation, designing new products and business models, rethinking pricing and channels, and inspiring business leaders to go further and faster.

The world keeps moving forward. Change is relentless, accelerated by technology and globalisation, with new experiences and expectations. In the last 25 years, the Arabic marketplace has changed dramatically. Local businesses face challenges from new start-ups and new competitors, new technologies and new business models. However the best  ideas to compete and innovate are already out there – banking learning from hospitality, pharma from food, airlines from gaming – and from the new entrepreneurial hubs of Hyderabad, Schenzen, or even Nairobi.

“Gamechangers” are the new breed of businesses who play a different game. They don’t believe that success is achieved through heritage and scale, they imagine new possibilities through creativity and partnerships. They are uninhibited by the old conventions of business, and have little respect for the established boundaries of markets and nations. They embrace digital, fused with physical, to explore new ways of working, of engaging customers, and driving growth – embracing social networks, collaboration and customisation, franchising and syndication, advocacy and branded movements.  They win through imagination and ideas, by out-thinking the competition.

The World Expo 2020 is a fabulous opportunity to showcase for the most creative Arabic brands and businesses, the ideas and innovations of a region on the rise. At the back of this book you will find a toolkit of 16 canvases to help you get started. Online you will regular updates, stories and videos to inspire you. There are also Gamechanger Awards in each region to select and celebrate the most innovative companies.

“Gamechangers” can be big or small, start-ups or established giants, with the attitude and confidence to win in this incredibly exciting new business world. The opportunity is to think bigger, see further, and shape the future in your own vision.

Be bold, be brave, and be brilliant.

Change the game!

Professor Peter Fisk, IE Business School, Madrid

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