The Gamechangers Program: Leaders of Innovation and Growth

The Gamechangers Program: Leaders of innovation and growth

Future Thinking + Disruptive Strategies + Smart Innovation + Inspiring Leadership

Are you ready to change the world?

Gamechangers are businesses who create the future in their own vision.

This is a 3-day workshop for business leaders and shapers. It combines new ideas and insights from the world’s most innovative companies, with the best approaches to making sense of changing markets, developing better strategies, then aligning your business to deliver more effectively, with profitable growth.

The workshop will be stretching and inspiring. It brings together new leading-edge content, with practical case studies and techniques, group experiential learning, and personal development. Participants also bring and work on their own projects and challenges to maximize the impact the program will have on their own organizations.

Participants leaving the course will be able to

  • Make sense of fast-changing markets, and learn how to find the best opportunities for their business to grow more profitably
  • Embrace leading-edge approaches to business and market strategy, strategic innovation and new business models, brands and marketing.
  • Change their game, the way in which they approach markets, develop strategies, align their organisation, engage their customers, and drive growth
  • Inspired by the most innovative companies around the world – how they think, the strategies they follow, and how they work.
  • Benefit from an intimate peer learning group that shares real insights and experiences, and accelerates their learning during and beyond the program

The program is designed for executives who are shape the future of their business, making sense of markets, to drive innovation and change, and profitable growth. They are typically, but not limited to leading roles in management, strategy, innovation, brands, marketing, technology, sales and customer service.

The most important requirement is that the participants want to stretch their thinking, disrupt their markets, challenge the conventions, and create a better future. They see the connections between strategy and markets, business models and brands, customer experiences and organization culture. They want to make a difference and are prepared to experiment, challenge their mental models, and be open to change.

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