Gamechangers 10 Big Ideas Brochure

Gamechangers workshops can take different formats depending on the needs and aspirations of participants. The best format, to cover all 10 big ideas, is the three day executive program.

Workshops an highly participative, combining inspiration and high energy, driven by learning from the very latest insights into the disruptive innovators shaking up every market right now. They are also incredible practical, with workbooks, tools and project work to help participants explore the new thinking and practically apply it to their own business.

Executive development programs for business leaders are available with Peter Fisk at IE Business School, or directly from him, customised to your specific business. They can also be formatted as a platform for leadership teams to create a new vision, and strategic directions, combining a fast learning, sense-making, and strategic development format, tailored specifically to the business and market.

This brochure explores the 10 big ideas explored in Gamechangers program, either as separate modules, or as an integrated experience:

10 Ways Change the Game

Example agenda


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