Finnish Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2025

The Finnish people now have an up-to-date road map towards a sustainable economy. How did this work proceed, what did we learn and do we have any tips for others drawing their road maps to a circular economy? The drawing process of the updated national road map reveals the pioneer’s secrets. The road map to a circular economy was made to be updateable. The thought behind that was that the objectives and the actions required to achieve them would be supplemented before the horizon year 2025, as skill and knowledge on circular economy accumulates. Since 2016 several EU countries have published strategies and road maps to a circular economy. To remain a pioneer requires continuous development. In 2018 Sitra decided to implement a road map update, where they wanted to chart Finland’s development, to raise the level of ambition, to speed up the change and to connect the circular economy to climate change control as a possible solution.

Download the file for Finnish Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2025