Finding your Apple Magic

Apple doesn’t sell products.

Watch the ads. There are no product close-ups, just happy, energetic people enjoying life, sharing their favourite photos, dancing in a multi-coloured world. Walk into a store, there is no hard selling, just lots of cool people immersing themselves in devices they never imagined they needed, until they experienced it.

In fact Apple rarely invents anything new, let alone talk about the technology. It didn’t invent the computer, or MP3 player, or smartphone. Yet its iMacs, iPods, iPhones and iPads are loved unconditionally. Apple brings together the best ideas, makes complex things simple, enchants people with a vision of how life can be better.

Apple changed the world.

And behind that vision, is the enduring legacy of Steve Jobs. Of course, Apple has had to move on since the untimely death of its former CEO. But Jobs was more than another business executive, he created the business, the culture, the cult. Like Thomas Edison still haunts GE, or Walt Disney is remembered by Disney, Jobs created values and beliefs, dreams and beahviours that live on …

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