Eureka Moments

Nick Woodman was surfing in Bali. With two failed businesses under his belt, he wanted to take some time out. The selfie craze was in its infancy, however Nick was determined to capture some great actions shots as he rode the Pacific waves. He tied a 35mm camera to his hand with a rubber band, but struggled to hold it close, keep it steady, or dry. It inspired him to innovate a new waterproof camera with a wrist harness. Selling Balinese shell necklaces back in California to fund his investment, he had soon perfected his design, calling it GoPro. 10 years later he now has a business worth 6.9 billion.

“Eureka moments” are when we see the future, solving problems in new ways, recognising new opportunities to innovate and grow. Whilst the problem might have previously seemed difficult, even incomprehensible, it is suddenly clear and inspiring. Every entrepreneur can probably tell you the story of their eureka moment …

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