B2B Customer Development Plan

This is the summary “one page” development plan which us introduced by Peter Fisk during strategic partnering and key account management workshops.

Unlike traditional KAM planning processes it starts with the customer (the client organisation, what they seek to achieve, their challenges and opportunities) and then explores how the supplier can help them (value propositions, potential solutions), and how to build the relationship (key people, activities).

This is a new, and far more effective to building B2B relationships, key accounts and strategic partnerships.

Contact peterfisk@peterfisk.com for more details.

A summary of the full program is below:

Customer World

  • How much do we know about our customer worlds?
  • What are our customers thinking right now?
  • How are their markets changing? What do their consumers want?
  • Where do you learn about their world, what and how?
  • Case study – the case, the insights, the application

Strategic Partnerships

  • What are the biggest challenges in managing global customers?
  • From sales to key account management to strategic partnerships
  • What is strategic partnering? How is it different?
  • New ways to find a win-win, for the customer and supplier
  • Managing the relationship web (level, function and geography)
  • Developing a strategic plan to win together
    • Customer World (purpose, strategy, activities, organisation, people)
    • Value Proposition (their job to be done, the value we can add)
    • Supplier World (products, competition, difference, opportunities)
    • Activity Plan (our objectives, activities, sales, metrics, people)
    • Group work – develop a strategic plan [for a real client]
    • Feedback to and from groups

Growth Opportunities

  • Developing client relationships in new markets
  • Understanding the market, customers, consumers and competitors
  • Where should focus, who are the best customers to target?
  • What’s our value proposition, and how is it relevant and distinctive?
  • Review of learning, and how we will use it.

Download the file for B2B Customer Development Plan