Business Innovation Program

Design Thinking + Business Models + Making it Happen

This program is for business leaders and innovators who want to create a better future for their business. Every business is challenged by the disruptive impacts of digital technology, globally connected markets, and new customer agendas. For some this means small tweaks in their propositions and solutions, for others it means fundamental changes in strategy, direction and ways of working.

Design Thinking is a simple but powerful methodology that starts with deep customer insight, typically immersive observation in their worlds, to explore what really drives them, how they behave and what they want. Accelerating these insights into prototypes keeps the insight alive, then shaping it into a commercial proposition, underpinned by the right business model. Every aspect of business can be innovated, from co-created design to subscription payments.

Business models lie at the heart of business innovation – we explore 36 different varieties. Imagine if your products were free, how would you make money? Imagine if you created a members club, what would they get? Imagine if you created a luxury brand, how much would it sell for? And what would work best in order to attract Gen Y to our brand? The Business Model Canvas is then a practical tool for evaluating options, and testing your business concepts.

Strategic leadership is then about making the best ideas happen. How do you develop strategy in a world that is volatile and unpredictable? How do you implement strategy with limited resources, and ever changing competition? We explore the new roles of leadership, new models of strategy, and how to implement things fast and effectively, to deliver most impact. Throughout the program, we are focused on real opportunities, real concepts and solutions, that will deliver real impact.

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