Business for a Better World: Leadership Playbook

Peter Fisk has created a unique “playbook” for businesses seeking to create a more inspiring purpose, to drive sustainable innovation, and find more enlightened growth.

It brings together all the best tools for sustainable transformation in your organisation:

  • Define your inspiring purpose (inspired by the Golden Circle and Ikigai)
  • Choose your wicked problem (inspired by Wicked 7 systems thinking)
  • Align with the 17 SDGs (including the Good Life Goals)
  • Embrace your diversity (created by Above and Beyond)
  • Create a Circular Ecosystem (inspired by Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
  • Build a Platform for Change (inspired by Marc Benioff)
  • Flip your Future (created by Mark Esposito)
  • Drive your Transformation (created by Chris Rangen)
  • Define your Project Canvas (created by Antonio Nieto Rodriguez)
  • Step up to Lead the Future (created by Peter Fisk)

The playbook is most effectively used alongside a two-day workshop for business leaders and teams, exploring the many dimensions, inspired by world’s leading companies and experts, and applied to your business.

You can download the playbook here:

Download the file for Business for a Better World: Leadership Playbook