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A jam-packed interview with @cliffobrecht, the 🐐 COO & co-founder. Tune in below!
RT @themaninblue:Yesterday we hit the monumental milestone of 100 million Canva users. To celebrate, we hosted 100 global flash picn…
A beautiful African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child, it certainly does to build a company too. Pro…
@mercy_kinyodah Haha no your eyes are not deceiving you 😂 real people making real products typing with my two real…
@mercy_kinyodah Aw thanks for the kind note Mercy, our team had a lot of fun putting it together. So much more to come yet!
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Melanie Perkins

Empowering the world to design, with Canva, the online design and publishing platform.

Canva is an innovative, Australia-based online design and publishing tool. It has grown rapidly since its launch in August 2013 and is now empowering millions of people across from every corner of the globe to create great designs and reach their goals, whether that's landing a job with a stylish resume, getting their business off the ground by creating great marketing materials or connecting with their community by designing great social media graphics.

Canva is a workplace collaboration platform, and one of the world’s most valuable female-led start-ups.  It enables people to create graphics, presentations, videos, marketing materials and social media content. It has 30 million users across 190 countries, creating 80 designs per second, a total of over 3 billion designs since launch.

Melanie Perkins, its 32-year-old Australian founder, used to describe Canva as a graphic design tool, but “reframed” it as a workplace collaboration platform, and therefore comparable to hyped businesses like Slack and Zoom, transforming perceptions and valuations.

Perkins was a teenage entrepreneur. She launched her first business at 14, designing and selling handmade scarves to sell in her hometown of Perth. 8 years later, she founded her next company, an online system for schools to design their yearbooks called Fusion Books, which is now the largest yearbook publisher in Australia.

In 2013, she launched her third business, Canva, a platform that allows anyone to create professional-quality designs no matter their level of expertise. The platform is available in 100 languages and has a library of over 3 million images, with new inspiration added every day. Within 5 years Canva had 250 employees, and became a $1 billion-valued unicorn.

“Before Canva, creating a professional looking design was a complex process – you had to purchase expensive software, learn how to use it, purchase stock photography, decide on a layout, slice images, design, share ideas between the team by email only to find revisions needed to be made, then send your design to print.”

Individuals and companies pay a flat subscription fee that enables them to set up a brand kit with logos, preferred colours, fonts and assets, and ensure consistency across their designs, access to billions of images and much more, and a print service that gives users the ability to produce professional prints in a variety of formats and sizes, delivered straight to their doorstep.

Perkins says that Canva has seen huge demand during the pandemic, as the world has shifted online, people have adapted businesses and launched new concepts.

“Canva’s accelerated growth during Covid-19 is indicative of the new normal, as more teams realize the need for a more scalable, more collaborative, more affordable and more user-friendly design platform” she says. “Now more than ever, organisations of all sizes are doubling down on building a reliable remote workplace, and are turning to modern productivity platforms like Canva to ensure they remain flexible and scalable.”

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