GBG: Leading the future of identity data

September 14, 2016 at Carden Park, Chester

Download a summary of Winning in a VUCA World: Leading for Innovation and Growth

“In the digital world where most of us live, our identities are continually defined by the billions of data bytes we share.”

Data is the fuel of the digital economy. GBG enables companies to connect instantly to over 300 third-party datasets, helping them focus on improving their customers’ experience while adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures.

From Aviva to Barclays, Etsy to Ford, IBM to Nike … GBG currently supports over 6,000 clients across the world, in both the private and public sector. These organisations need identity data intelligence to protect themselves from nancial crime or regulatory non-compliance and to improve the overall experience they offer customers – with the ultimate goal of improving their overall business.

GBG’s technology spans employee screening, customer on-boarding and fraud management across all B2C sectors. They support customers globally in traditional banking, government, utilities, retail and transport as well as newly emerging industries such as eCommerce, online gaming, cryptocurrency and mobile payments.

Identity can be defined as the characteristics by which an individual is known. Today, several elements build our identity and every individual has thousands of characteristics that can be gleaned from a wide range of data sources. The more identity data points analysed, the better informed business decisions will be and the better the customer experience.

  • Attributed data … Examples: Name and address, Passport, Payment details, Education qualications
  • Biometric data … Examples: Fingerprints, Retina, Voice, DNA
  • Behavioural data … Examples: Interests, Likes, Dislikes, Usage patterns
  • Digital data … Examples: Device ID, IP address, Social ID, Cookies

This is where identity data intelligence comes in. GBG’s technology takes identity data from multiple sources and enables organisations to make clear decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ.

Read the GBG Annual Report 2016

In this workshop we will explore what it takes to be a leader of the future, to shape fast growth markets in your own vision, and to make them happen successfully. There are three sections:

The opportunities of change – tectonic power shifts, new technologies and big data, new consumer agendas, changing lifestyles, and ways of working.

  • VUCA World – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – means we have to think, plan and act differently – as do our clients. VUCA is scary, time to keep you head down, but is also full of opportunity, time to have your heads up.
  • Power shifts – “west to east” means that growth and competition comes in new places, “big to small” means speedboats beat supertankers, and “business to customer” means we have to do business on their terms.
  • Think different – left brain and right brain, analytical and intuitive, big picture and small detail, future back and now forward, connecting the unconnected whilst focusing on priorities, and harnessing the potential of data and insight.
  • Discussion – How does the VUCA world affect our business, and that of our clients? How do we respond to it as a business, and personally? How do we need to change in order to win in this world?

Inspired by innovation what can we learn from the world’s most disruptive innovators, and in particular those who harness data to enable better experiences

  • Gamechangers – learning from the world’s most innovative companies in each different sector – identifying the five attrbutes which drive them (audacious, collaborative, intelligent, networked, enabling).
  • Shaping the future – how these companies are “changing the game” in their different markets, working from the “future back” with a bigger vision, engaging customers more deeply, to lead and shape the future on their terms.
  • Discussion – Which innovators could we learn from? (it includes some business services and big data companies). What can we learn from their them and how they win (creative ideas, creative application).

Making the future happen – how do companies deliver success in todays markets, from design thinking to lean innovation, new business models and communities.

  • Business innovation – focus in on specific examples eg Airbnb, Nespresso, Tesla and how they are innovating their business models (new ways of working and winning) and customer experiences (new ways of engaging and enabling)
  • New tools for leaders – rethinking the business toolkit, from the way in which companies develop strategy, to the way they define brands, develop products, deliver service, build relationships, and measure performance
  • New leaders – from fixed to growth mindset, from football to government, from “command and control” (2C) to “coach, communicator, connector and catalyst” (4C), leaders of experts, leaders who “amplify the potential of others”
  • Discussion – “What will we do? What will I do?” Exploring the changing role of leaders, the defining symbols and behaviours, and what would make us a winning time. Being bold, brave and brilliant.

The workshop will be high energy and interactive, it will include music and videos, stories and analysis. Participants can also refer to the more detailed case studies, video tutorials, and downloadable toolkits.


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