Gamechangers Germany: GERBUS Executive Program

September 6, 2017 at GERBUS German Business Academy, Hamburg (2 days)

“Gamechangers Germany” is a fresh, high-energy, inspirational executive development program for business leaders.

It is fast and stretching, bringing together the latest and very best approaches to business strategy, customer insights, value propositions, business model design, customer experience maps, innovative solutions, brand story, and implementation plan.

It is focused on your business, addressing your big issues, and developing new ideas, strategies and solutions, ready to make happen.

Day 1 (June 6): Future Strategies … Developing a better strategy to drive profitable growth in fast-changing markets

Day 2 (June 7): Business Design … Creating more innovative customer propositions and business models.

Practical Action (time to test and shapes ideas) … Applying it all to your own business, ready to test, shape and focus.

Day 3 (September 6): Smarter Innovation … Shaping your business design to deliver a winning customer experience.

Day 4 (September 7): Leading Change … Preparing to implement your new strategy and business model, faster and better.

Business Impact You now have developed your personal Business Blueprint ready for implementation.


Update for participants before 6-7 September:
I hope that you have now taken time to reflect on our first two days together – and to think in more depth about your future direction for growth, how you will innovate driven by a deeper understanding of your customers. In particular, we explored the possibilities that new business models offer in terms of new ways of working, new ways of standing out, and new ways of making money.
When me meet again on 6-7 September in Hamburg, the focus will be on “making it happen”. Therefore it would be very useful to spend some time over the coming months testing and shaping your ideas further … to explore them with customers, and get engagement from internal stakeholders. In particular I would encourage you to think about:
1. Where are my best opportunities for future growth? Remember the strategy framework, and making choices about “why, where and how” to compete. For your existing or new business, where are the priorities?
You might also get inspiration from this article … “A Playbook for Strategy” (AG Lafley, former P&G CEO, defines 5 essential questions for strategy):
2. What do my target customers really want? Remember to use the ideas of design thinking – go and talk to them, observe what they do, ask the “5 Whys” about their world, and then develop a value proposition around their pains and gains.
You might also get inspiration from this article …”Future 100 Trends and Changes to Watch in 2017″ (ideas and inspirations from around the world):
3. How could I innovate my business model? Remember that the business model canvas starts with the customer, then the proposition. Explore new channels to market, new support and services, new business partners, and new ways of making money.
You might also get inspiration from this article … “St Gallen Business Model Navigator” (a reflection on business models, and the different types):
Bring your “improved” answers to these questions with you on the 6 September, and they will be the starting points to explore further – how to make them happen, what drives change in organisations, and how to be the most effective leader.

Download the more detailed agenda here

The program can also be completely customised to your business, working with internal teams, enabling us to address specific business issues, and develop more focused outcomes.

Download a free extract of my new book  “Gamechangers” (German Edition)

Explore my new article “German Innovation … from industrial precision to punk entrepreneurship … are German businesses ready to change the game?”



„Es war ein sehr herausfordernder und spannender Tag mit einem emphatischen und enthusiastischen Prof. Peter Fisk. So ein Tag bringt Inspiration für neue Gedanken. Sehr Empfehlungswert!“
Jørgen Sørensen, CEO, IAT A/S

„Prof. Peter Fisk animiert auf positive und beeindruckende Art und Weise, die Grenzen der eigenen Ambitionen in Frage zu stellen und einen neuen Horizont des Machbaren zu mutig entwickeln. Mit vielen und einfachen Praxistests und lebhaften Beispielen untermauert er das Umdenken im Kopf. Motivierend und nachhaltig zugleich, auf jeden Fall direkt umsetzbar!“
Katharina Jahrling, Geschäftsführerin Deutschland, Hans Schwarzkopf & Henkel GmbH

„Ein ausgezeichneter Vortrag von einem ausgezeichneten Experten. Ein „Wake-up Call“ für jeden Unternehmer!“
Dr. Jens-Christian Posselt, Partner, bdp Bormann · Demant & Partner

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