Future Strategies and Scenarios for Amex Healthcare

December 15, 2022 at Vienna, Austria

Amex is a supplier of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory products to the world’s leading Non-Profit Organisations. The Vienna-based organisation distributes medical and laboratory equipment, devices and consumables – catering for the needs of humanitarian aid and development agencies by focusing on complex procurement projects all around the globe.


0900 – 1030 : Change, Disruption and Megatrends

  • Every market is shaken up, making sense of a world of relentless change
  • Asia to AI, GenZ and gene-editing, sustainability and the super-apps
  • Inspired by 23andMe, Jio, Maersk, and Shein
  • What the 6 megatrends mean for me, turning challenge into opportunity

1100 – 1300 : Exploring Future Scenarios

  • Future uncertainties, and how markets of the future could evolve
  • Inspired by DHL, Haier, Tesla, and Schneider Electric
  • Exploring potential scenarios for our future markets
  • Evaluating optional futures, implications and impacts

1400 – 1600 : Defining Future Roadmaps

  • Moonshot thinking, to articulate your purpose, vision and mission
  • Strategies are about choices – why, where and how to compete
  • Inspired by Alphabet, Cemex, PingAn and Syngenta
  • Articulating future visions, strategies, plans and roadmaps

1615 – 1800 : Leading and Implementing Growth

  • Leading in a world of uncertainty, risk and relentless change
  • Inspired by DBS, FedEx, Microsoft and Orsted
  • Building a strategic portfolio for innovation and growth
  • 7 big ideas to take away and make happen

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How do you develop a strategy in a world of relentless and uncertain change? Particularly one for growth, when so many familiar markets seem stagnant or in decline? How do you make sense of all this change, what is relevant to you?

Certainly, the old approach to incremental strategy development has given way to a much more creative and exploratory approach to business strategy, built around future casting, scenario planning, and agile roadmaps.

As an example, I recently worked with one of the Middle East’s fastest growing business groups. They’re in many businesses, and could grow in many directions, industrially and geographically. Where’s the growth? Where’s the risk? How should they act differently?

Future-back strategy is my favoured approach, starting with an ambitious purpose, a North Star, to give direction and substance to why the business exists, what it does for the world.


Five megatrends are shaping our future right, shifting the way we live and work:

  • Megatrend 1: Aging World … the shift from young to old … People are living longer, healthier lives throughout the world, as healthcare, education and lifestyles improve.
  • Megatrend 2: Booming Asia … the shift from west to east … Consumers are more affluent, particularly across Asia. So-called emerging markets will represent 6 of the 7 largest economies by 2050.
  • Megatrend 3: Cognitive Tech … the shift from automation to intelligence … Technology unlocks new possibilities, and exponential progress. 125 billion connected devices by 2030.
  • Megatrend 4: Dense Living … the shift from towns to megacities … 65% of the world will be concentrated in urban environments by 2050, today in the megacities of Asia, tomorrow in even larger cities of Africa.
  • Megatrend 5: Earth Renewal … the shift from crisis to circularity … 50% of the world’s energy will be sustainable by 2050, as we seek ways to combat climate change, and also the stress on natural resources.

In his book Future Shock, Alvin Toffler identified the watershed of a new post-industrial age, pinpointing the enormous structural change afoot in the global economy, and the acceleration of technological advances towards a ‘super-industrial society’ in an information era. 50 years later we see much of what he predicted coming true.

From their we worked through an accelerated scenario planning approach, embracing the critical uncertainties most relevant to the business and its markets. From their we developed a vision framework which then flows into a strategic roadmap, and transformational plan for innovation and growth.

Sounds simple, but there is much to it. Not least having a powerful sense of of the future, and how you will shape it to your advantage. During this workshop we will explore the mindset, strategies and frameworks which help you to more effectively make sense of change, manage uncertainty, scale your business and drive growth.

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