FashionX … Live on Bloomberg TV

October 6, 2021 at Bloomberg TV

Fashion is at a cross roads. Covid-19 has challenged the industry in many ways, but also accelerated many trends. No longer can manufacturers, like many in Turkey, sustain ever diminishing returns as they seek to support traditional retailers who battle in the old shopping malls and high streets of the world.

A new generation of designers and manufacturers, brands and retailers have emerged who are not just interesting start-ups, but fundamentally transforming what and how consumers buy.

Asos to Zalando are just examples of online platforms that have subverted young shoppers and now adding value in new ways, but it is new business models like Stitch Fix and Zozo that are really reshaping the industry. Fabrics are transformed too, sustainable and advanced, from Bolt Threads to DSM. Then add the rapid growth of resale and upcycling models, from Depop to DressX, and you have fundamental change in mindset, and marketspace.

The future is not like it used to be. We can no longer move forwards by doing what we’ve always done faster, cheaper or better. It’s time to think different.

I will be kicking off this year’s Istanbul Apparel Conference with my keynote live on Bloomberg TV, in which I will explore:

Part 1: FutureX …The future starts here

  • Every market has been shaken up by a fast-changing world of technological disruption and rapidly shifting market economics. Covid-19 was just the accelerator of change.
  • Consumers have new agendas – ethics to environment, social and shared – while businesses have new ambitions too – more purposeful, profitable and progressive.
  • Now is the time to innovate, to create a better future – crisis is the moment of shake-up, when new business, new markets and new ideas take off.

Part 2: ChangeX … Defining the new codes of fashion

  • Sustainability from Bolt Threads to DressX … the future of fashion is natural, simple and shared … How can less be more?
  • Technology from Stitch Fix to Zozo … the future of fashion is intelligent, direct and personal … What does digital really mean for fashion?
  • Ecosystems inspired by Portugal and Platforms … the future of fashion is premium and connected … How can we all create more value together?

Part 3: FashionX … Proposing a new manifesto for Turkish apparel business

  • Building on a great heritage of creativity and commerce … unlocking the legacy of reputation and relationships, by focusing on how we work with customers and consumers.
  • Adding more value in a digital world … unlocking the power of data and design, by embracing new markets and business models, working with existing and new partners to reach new audiences in new ways.
  • Stop being the order takers, and reimagine a better future of fashion … having the courage to be our best selves, to reinvent ourselves, to create a better future together.