Business Innovation: Design Thinking to New Business Models

October 5, 2016 at IE Business School, Madrid

The Executive Leadership Programme is the essence of latest knowledge from IE Business School, which is consistemtly ranked among the top 5 European Business School according to Financial Times. The first module will be handled by HPI School of Design Thinking, a sister organisation to the famous D-School at Stanford University. The programme is targeted executives, high level managers and specialists who don’t have the need or the time for a full Executive MBA.

Our strategic challenges cannot be solved solely by traditional thinking and classic business models. We need new thinking and new ways of doing thinks – to be more innovative also in our business models. The rapid development makes it impossible to plan strategies that can run for many years into the future.

Our strategic thinking needs new inspiration. This inspiration could be found in fields like anthropology, where the crux is to understand customers and phenomenon in a broader sense is that one based on technology alone. Design is not only product design but also design of business models and the two combined. Just think of IDEO’s and Apple’s revolutionary strategies. This is the next wave of methods and tools to create winning strategies.


Day 1 am … Gamechanger Strategies

0900 – 1030: Making sense of the kaleidoscope

  • Global and connected, human and fragmented
  • From Alibaba to Beauty’in, Uber and Xiaomi
  • Speedboats and supertankers
  • Boomers, millenials and the new customer agenda

1100 – 1230: New strategies for growth

  • Strategy in a fast changing world
  • Finding the best opportunities for growth
  • Framing busness around an inspiring vision and purpose
  • The Gamechanger Game

Day 1 pm … Business Innovation

1330 – 1500: Innovative business design

  • The 10 types of innovation
  • Border crossers and idea fusions
  • New collaboration and partnership models
  • New revenue streams and customer experiences

1530 – 1700: The Business Model Canvas

  • Art and science of the business model canvas
  • Airbnb to Zipcars … 36 business models archetypes
  • When and how to use business models
  • The art of business models

1700 – 1730: Review and next steps 

Day 2 am … Customer Propositions

0900 – 1030: Customer Thinking

  • Customer insights and segmentation
  • Jobs to be done, pains and gains
  • Customer propositions
  • Product and services, channels and pricing

1100 – 1230: Business Model Accelerator

  • Team Competition

Day 2 pm … New Business Models

1330 – 1500: Business Thinking

  • Assets and activities
  • Partners and resources
  • Revenue and cost streams
  • Distinctive, practical, and commercial

1530 – 1700: Business Model Accelerator

  • Team competition

1700 – 1730: Review and project briefing

Day 3 … You new business model

Using exactly the same process as day 2, you will design a better business model for your own business. You will start by mapping out the existing model, then think about how you need to change it, or add to it. Each participant will work on their own business with expert one to one consulting support.

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