Disruptors Club

Disrupt or be disrupted … inspiring insights and new ideas for business leaders around the world, from some of the world’s best business thinkers and coaches.

A series of free regular webinars, 1700-1800 on the first Thursday of every month … specifically for members of the Global AMP community, the flagship executive program from IE Business School – bring your friends, and future participants, too!

November 3, 2022 … “Business Transformers” … Christian Rangen (Founder of Strategy Tools, Norway) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Antonio Martin, (Global CSO, Novartis and Global AMP 2021-2) … Every market is shaken up, every company seeks transformation. Companies from Adobe to DSM, Netflix to Orsted, have radically transformed themselves. What does it take to reinvent your business? How to leaders drive relentless transformation?

December 1, 2022 … “Technology Frontiers” … Mark Esposito (Author of AI Revolution, Canada) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Mailin Jappe (Head of Sp Projects Acer Technologies and Global AMP 2021-2) … Artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics, biotech and nanotech. Which technologies will matter most to your business future> How do you make sense of them? Which companies are the best examples of their applications? Where should you start?

January 5, 2023 … “Customer Futures” … Jaime Vega (customer insight expert, Spain) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Julian Mora, (CMO Familia and Global AMP 2020-1) … Power has fundamentally shifted from business to customers. Markets are fragmenting, agendas are changing, and expectations grow. How do you understand what customers want next? Do we need advertising in a world of social influence? Who are your best customers?

February 6, 2023 … “Leadership Unlimited” … Mark Fritz (leadership expert, USA) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Eloine Barry (CEO, Africa Media Agency and Global AMP 2020-1) … How to lead in a high speed world, where everything keeps changing, but implementation and action matters most? How do you engage diverse cultures, egos and generations? How do you step up to lead those who were once your peers?

March 2, 2023 … “Digital Anthropology” … Verónica Reyero (social anthropologist, founder Anthroplogia 2.0) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Juan Antonio Pealed (CEO Bodhitri, Colombia and Global AMP 2020-1) … What does it mean to be human in a technologically-obsessed world? How does man and machine work better together, complementing and enhancing capabilities? What are the ethics and limits of AI, robotics, and what does it mean for business?

April 6, 2023 … “Strategic Innovation” … Tendayi Viki (Strategyzer partner, Zimbabwe) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Enrique Estalyo (regional director, Orange, UAE and Global AMP 2021-2) … How do you create a culture for radical, relentless innovation – to exploit the present and explore the future – to drive entrepreneurship throughout the business, and to deliver exceptional value creation?

May 4, 2023 …  “Smarter Implementation” … Antonio Nieto-Rogriguez (Director GSK Vaccines, author Project Management Handbook) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Manuel Bosch (CIO, healthcare pioneer and Global AMP 2021-2) … Why is everyone a project manager today? How to make sure 70% of projects don’t fail? How to turn projects into new businesses through drive more value creation?

June 1, 2023 …  “Leadership Storytelling” … Javier Bernad (founder of Speak and Span, expert in public speaking) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Alberto Ruiz (CEO Omega Wealth Management and Global AMP 2021-2) … How do you communicate your business future? What makes a great business story? What makes you more authentic, more engaging, more inspiring, to listen to?

July 6, 2023 … “Innovation Safari” … Ramon Vullings (Idea DJ, and author Great Leaders Mix and Match) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Lucia Bastidas (JetBlue Airlines, USA and Global AMP 2021-2) … Where can you find the best new ideas for innovation? How do you take ideas from one sector and apply them elsewhere? What ensures that innovations really deliver

August 3, 2023 … “Leadership Vitality” … Steven McGregor (author, Chief Wellness Officer) in conversation with Peter Fisk – plus Sophie Le Rey (founder of EVE List and Global AMP 2020-1) … What does it take to deliver peak performance in a world of relentless change, of alway-on media, and pressure for results? How can you manage your personal health, fitness and wellbeing? Your energy and effectiveness, to thrive every day?

Speaker names and event dates, subject to final confirmation.

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