Reinventing beer at Neuzeller Klosterbräu … German brewery creates powder to just add water, reducing carbon emissions by 90%

March 29, 2023

Neuzeller Klosterbräu, a German brewery, is revolutionising the future of beer.

The Brandenburg company has created a powdered lager that mimics the look and taste of beer on tap, just by adding water. Simply add two spoons of powder into a glass, adding water and giving it a stir, then sit back and enjoy an authentic German beer.

Helmut Fritsche purchased the Neuzeller brewery in 1992, which has been producing beer commercially for over 400 years, and is situated on the grounds of a 12th-century Catholic monastery, Neuzelle Abbey..

His son Stefan Fritsche, the brewery’s general manager, is idriven by the need to reduce the heavy carbon footprint beer exports generate, with one 355ml bottle equivalent to the emissions from driving a car one mile. By removing the extra weight created by glass and water, he believes he can reduce transport weight by 90 per cent.

Fritsche says that the possibilities of creating new beers doesn’t end there, and his team are currently exploring 40 other beverages from powder, adding to its current cherry beer, anti-ageing beer, and ginger beer inventions.

The “Anti-Aging-Bier”, which, in addition to the four cardinal ingredients of beer, adds spirulina and flavonoids in order to, supposedly, increase health and longevity, was launched in 2004, and claims to have double the anti-oxidant effect of other beers.

“We’ve also created bath beer, so you can even take a bath in the beer,” he said.

He says that the inspiration for new ideas come from a simple mantra, which he asks himself every day “How can I destroy my own company?” saying that if he doesn’t think actively about it, somebody else will.

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