Business Tools with Purpose … B Corps and Doughnuts, Conscious and Circular, Diverse and Inclusive, Net Positive and Actionable Impact

April 26, 2022

Purpose defines what the business contributes to the world, or equally, why the world would be a lesser place if the business did not exist.

Purpose creates an enduring cause which the business is willing to fight for. For some this might be an urgent call to action, for others it might be a more personal inspiration. Saving then planet, or achieving your potential, with Nike, or seeking happiness, with Coca Cola.

Tesla exists to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”, Starbucks to “inspire the human spirit”, Dove to “help the next generation of women realise their potential”, Microsoft to “empower people to achieve more”, and Swarovski to “add sparkle to people’s everyday lives.”

Why do purpose-driven companies do better?

Purpose creates a richer sense of meaning in your business, inspiring employees to raise their game, to transform and grow themselves and the organisation. It encourages a strategic focus, to rise above the distractions of today, to align on bigger goals and to innovate more radically. Productivity and performance typically follow.

We get it. But how do we make it happen, practically and profitably?

Here is a diverse range of tools to help:

Purpose tools

Sustainability tools

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion tools

Wellbeing tools

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