XT … Blueprints for Corporate Innovation

Managing innovation is inherently complex. As an innovator, discovering where and how to innovate are your top concerns. The good news is that the popularity of innovation manage- ment tools has soared over the past decade. From charts to checklists to maps to matrices, innovators have countless tools available that support their innovation process.

But while the number of tools available isn’t the issue, the serious challenges companies face when selecting, adopting, and integrating these tools into their routine is the issue. These challenges often come from a lack of sound advice on tool building and deployment, as well as a tendency to hold onto older and outdated solutions.

To help you get started with choosing the best tools for your innovation program,  Innovation Leader created this collection of “Blueprints for Corporate Innovators.”

This toolkit provides the templates, tools, scorecards, and worksheets that innovators need to meet their innovation goals, and will help guide your program towards success. Every organization should have its favorite collection of tools built through discovery and experience. Within the following pages, we hope you find the resources you need to move your innovation program forward.

Download the file for XT … Blueprints for Corporate Innovation