Online Toolkit

Peter Fisk has developed a wide range of practical toolkits, including downloadable templates and video coaching, to help you make your best ideas happen.

Creating the future, innovating markets and business, and making it happen is not easy. Conceptually its not hard to develop ideas and break rules. But doing the right thing for your business, then implementing it in the righGamechangers Example Canvasest way requires discipline too. As we work through, we describe each of the potential approaches as a one-page “action canvas”.

Each canvas is a template with guidance as to how to explore the changes and make the right choices. You don’t need to do everything, much you will do right already. These 16 canvases flow towards a winning business.

The relevant canvases are referenced at the end of each chapter in “Gamechangers”, and then found at the end of the book.

There are a range of practical workshops and masterclasses to help you practically change the game in your own business, harnessing your specific aspirations and insights, to apply the tools and techniques, then work through the practical steps, from engaging stakeholders, to fast and effective execution.

There are 4 Gamechanger Labs, each with a range of canvases and tools for practical action:

Future Lab … is the place to create a better vision and strategy for future growth

  • Vision Canvas … how to define a better future
  • Growth Canvas … how to find the best opportunities
  • Disruption Canvas … how to change the game
  • Strategy Canvas … how to choose your priorities

Creative Lab … is the place to turn customer insights and ideas into smarter innovation

  • Insights Canvas – how to discover what really matters
  • Co-creation Canvas – how to develop ideas with customers
  • Business Canvas – how to design a better business model
  • Innovation Canvas – how to make your best ideas happen

Brand Lab … is the place to build a more inspiring brand, communicating and delivering it

  • Brand Canvas – to define a more inspiring purpose
  • Proposition Canvas – how to make it relevant for each audience
  • Engagement Canvas – how to connect with people more deeply
  • Relationship Canvas – how to build loyalty with and between people

Performance Lab … is the place to develop your leadership, organisation and metrics to win.

  • Leadership Canvas – to lead in a way that amplifies potential
  • Culture Canvas – to establish a better way of doing things
  • Sustainability Canvas – to build an enduring, responsible business
  • Performance Canvas – to deliver superior value to every stakeholder