Keynote speaking

Peter is an experienced and inspirational keynote speaker for your conference or internal event. He challenges and entertains, makes you think differently, highly participative and practical. He brings together new insights, provocative ideas, and the tools to prepare you for practical action. He also chairs and facilitates events, bringing relentless energy and narrative flow to keep audiences engaged and inspired.


pf sap 7Examples of keynote topics on growth

  • Business 2020 – Growing from the future back, making sense of the future, then working back to start making it happen.
  • Einstein and Picasso do business – harnessing your left brain and right brain to think big and small, creative and analytical, in todays world.
  • Megatrends 2025 – what are the big global trends for business that will shape every market, and enable every company to win
  • Winning in kaleidoscope markets – making sense of change, where markets are infinite in scope and granularity
  • Finding the best growth opportunities – looking beyond your normal markets, to find the profits pools
  • Shaping the future in your own vision – the future is not an extension of the past, seize it for your advantage
  • Pilot Fish strategies for small businesses to go further faster by working in new types of partnerships.


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Examples of keynote topics on innovation

  • Gamechangers: how the world’s most disruptive innovators are reshaping their and your world
  • Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci – how would he innovate, and make new connections, in today’s digital world
  • Sparking new insights by seeing things differently, and thinking different things
  • Design thinking made practical – gaining deeper insights to solve the big problems, and seize the best opportunities
  • Innovating every aspect of your customer propositions and experiences, to enable people to achieve more
  • People Planet Profit – embracing sustainability for more engaging innovation and profitable growth.
  • The Power of Ubuntu – unlocking the potential of all of us through more open, co-created innovation and collaborative consumption.


pf sap 2Examples of keynote topics on leadership

  • Leadership that drives innovation and growth – being fit for the future, and focused on action.
  • Amplifying the potential of people – dare to dream, care to collaborate, to achieve more together
  • Winning as a speedboat not a supertanker – fast, focused and flexible – in big companies and small.
  • Heads up not heads down – seeing where you are going to deliver performance today and tomorrow
  • Peak performance leaders – learning from sports, politics and arts – with vision, change and innovation
  • Aspiration – why your next generation of leaders have a big opportunity, and how they are different
  • The 60 Minute  MBA – everything you need to be a winner in the 21st century business.


Ex1B1_Peter_Fisk_2amples of keynote topics on marketing

  • The New Marketing Agenda – from Alibaba to Zipcar, what are the new rules of marketing?
  • Next generation brands – the best brands of the future are different, they engage and enable people in new ways
  • Customer centricity – transforming the whole business from insight to impact, what it really means, what it really takes
  • Building bolder brands – having the confidence to have real purpose, engaging people in brands that make life better
  • Customer agenda – Millennials to boomers, women and tribes, trends and insights – what matters to people today
  • Marketing on demand – rethinking marketing in a social, local, digital world – from supply to demand, push to pull, average to personal
  • Realtime marketing – how to set up a realtime marketing team, that is topical and timely, relevant and real.
  • Building customer communities – customer don’t trust you, but they trust other people like them – how to make communities work.
  • Strategic selling – engaging business customers in problem solving not products, through a new approach to sales.
  • Branding like Beckham, marketing like Madonna – learning from celebrities to decode popular culture, and winning brands.


Client feedback

“Peter did a great job for the team.  He was bold and dynamic. His plenary presentation was eye opening.  He integrated well into the workshops and was provocative.  All the objectives were achieved.”

Jennifer Johnson, Conference Organiser, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“Peter Fisk is one of the outstanding thinkers of our time. If you want to make sense of today’s business world, to understand how the best companies win, and to find the tools which can enable you to be more successful, then Peter’s keynote had it all”

Xavier Pereira, SVP Global Services, Microsoft (USA)

” Your session was everything that we had hoped for – informative, invigorating and fresh. We hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we all enjoyed watching it.”

Catherine McGavock, VP, Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

“This was exactly what we needed to bring our people together, to start them a new journey of high performance … it is the perfect starting point for our future”

Maija Koskela, CEO of Skoda Auto, Finland

It is not often that we have moments of magic in any business. What Peter has given us is more than just ideas and inspiration, but a whole way of thinking about how we could reinvent our future, and start making it happen tomorrow”

Alberto Uncini-Manganelli, SVP and GM of Global Running, Adidas

“Peter Fisk’s amazing presentation opened our minds as to what is possible, and what is important in the world today … and inspired us when talking about the potential of women”

Kumeshnee West, Director of Executive Education, South Africa

“Peter Fisk was awesome. He has truly mastered the concept of “edutainment”. His insights into the changing world, what consumers want today, and how brands should respond is impressive. His delivering, mixing data and stories, graphic and music, is inspiring. We made him our CX Guru of the Month.”

Paige O’Neill, CMO of SDL (USA)

“Peter was fabulous, bringing insight and ideas, interaction and inspiration. He has been consistently good at all of our events, every time is different, topical and relevant.”

Mariano Dima, VP Marketing, Visa Europe

“What a great accomplishment to have ended up where we did, with so much passion and energy in the room. Thanks for your drive and leadership to enable us to get to some amazing directions, we know what we asked you was not easy but as usual you took the job and did it brilliantly.”

Anne Claire Costes, VP Lifestyle Beauty Brands, Coty (Switzerland)

“We had a very difficult challenge for our annual retreat. However Peter has moderated the last two days with exceptional – he has inspired and energised us, helped us bring new focus and direction to our strategy, and opened our eyes to an incredible changing world”

Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary, CTBTO (Austria)

Thank you for the great contribution to the Coesia 2020 Management Meeting. Beyond managing the three days of the retreat, you provided us with invaluable content stimulus upfront and always kept a strategic/content focus throughout the event. Your impact stays with me and the team beyond this excellent event.

Angelos Papdimitriou, CEO, Coesia SA (Italy)

“Peter is the world’s thought leader in designing customer experiences that go beyond products and services, but help people to achieve more, inspires people with the brand, and helps the business to grow in new ways. Excellent.”

Nadeem Bashir, Saudi Marketing Forum (Riyadh)

“Peter Fisk was superb. He explored the fast-changing world – from emerging markets to future worlds – and what it means for my business here in South America. He opened my eyes with flying cars and Chinese innovators, better ways to build brands and business models, and gave me the practical tools to start tomorrow.”

Enrique Cacho, South American Business Forum (Buenos Aires)

“Peter’s one day masterclass was incredibly thought-provoking and highly practical. It helped us make sense of the world, whilst also been completely tailored to our local audience. We hope to do it again next year.”

Handi Irawan, Organiser, Indonesian Marketing Summit (Jakarta)

“Visionary, thought provoking and enjoyable. A fresh and clear vision of the future of marketing, that connects big data and creative trends, strategy and practical delivery.”

Miriam Martens, SAP Netherlands


“That was awesome. Peter engaged the audience with fantastic energy and content. He challenged our thinking, focused on our biggest issues, and left us inspired” 

Jeff Busch, VP Strategic Communications, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

“Peter’s keynote was of his usual high standard and very interesting, but most of all his charisma undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event” 

Bernadette Lobjois, Secretary General, The European Lotteries Federation

“Peter was inspirational. He combined deep insight into our changing world, with practical and innovative ideas for application”

Darren Marshall, Senior VP, Asia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company (Singapore)

“Thanks to Peter we now have a different view of our world. We have now learnt to see our business from the outside in, like customers do, and with many new opportunities too”

Erdal Karamacan, CEO, Eczacibasi Group (Istanbul)

“Our delegates were given a glimpse of an exciting new world, where people and technology come together in new ways, and where there are threats and opportunity for all of us”

Anne Rodven, Event Director, Visit Oslo

“Peter told an incredibly provocative and compelling story of the new business world, and gave our delegates the inspiration and signposts to think and act differently”

Steve Gilroy, CEO Vistage International (UK)

“The presentation was thoughtful and provocative. An excellent bringing together of our business challenges that left our people energised and inspired”

Peter Thomas, Marketing Director, Accenture

“Peter provided a very inspiring and informative view of the challenge for GSK to achieve marketing excellence, and a great start to our new marketing community”

Mark Russell, Head of Marketing Community, GSK

“I am now inspired to use my left and right brain more actively together. I loved learning about Einstein and Picasso, and how they would address today’s business challenges”

Johan Svedberg, Head of Brand Development, Ericsson

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Speaker Associates, London

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Speaker Ideas, Amsterdam

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BCC Speakers, Madrid

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Renee Strom, Reno

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Saxton Speakers, Sydney

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pf open arms 2012

Previous events


  • “Accelerating Innovation and Growth” keynote, Damm Breweries, Girona, Spain, 29 Jan
  • “What is Patient-Centric Healthcare”? Takeda Global Summit, Prague, Czechia, 4 Feb
  • “The Healthy Business” keynote, Health Action Council, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 12 Feb
  • “Be the Gamechanger” keynote at Microsoft Ignite, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 26-27 Feb
  • “Women in Leadership” workshop, with Diversity Council. Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 Mar
  • “The Future of Insurance” keynote at NFU Summit, Peebles, Scotland, 7 Mar
  • “Healthcare Innovation” workshop, Saudi Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSA, 11-12 Mar
  • “What is Creativity? Keynote for Direct Marketing Assoc, London UK, 14 Mar
  • “Leading from the Future Back” Zacco Global Summit, Malmo, Sweden, 16 Mar
  • “The Future of Healthcare” Pfizer Upjohn, Dubai, UAE, 19 Mar
  • “Healthcare Innovation” workshop, Saudi Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSA, 25-26 Mar
  • “Innovating Innovation” keynote at China/Europe Business School, Zurich, 17 May
  • “Leading Business the Asian Way” with Nordea Bank, Bergen, Norway, 4 Jun
  • “Leading Business the Asian Way” with Nordea Bank, Oslo, Norway, 5 Jun
  • “Exponential Growth Strategies” Program, IE Business School, Segovia, Spain, 12 Jun
  • “Leading Business the Asian Way” with Nordea Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 Jun
  • “The Future of Work and Education” keynote, Seoul, South Korea, 19 June
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 24-29 June
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 1-5 June
  • “Leading the Future, Innovation and Growth” workshop, Dupont, Barcelona, Spain, 30 July
  • “Gamechangers Latin America” masterclass, CMO Summit, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 Sep
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 9-14 Sep
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 16-21 Sep
  • “Business Model Innovation” masterclass, Bancolombia, IE Business School, 18 Sep
  • “Sports Innovation”, Cascais International Sports Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, 19 Sep
  • “Leading Innovation and Growth” keynote, Valio Leaders Summit, Helsink, Finland, 23 Sep
  • Host of Thinkers50 European Business Forum, Odense, Denmark, 25-26 Sep
  • “Design Thinking” masterclass, National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait, 7-8 Oct
  • “Leading the Future” Leadership summit, Gulf Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait, 9 Oct
  • “Leading the Future” masterclass, Russian Railways, Madrid, Spain, 14 Oct
  • “Dubai 2020 Masterclass. Leading in Disruptive Futures”, Dubai, UAE, 11-14 Nov
  • Host of the Future Book Forum, Munich, Germany, 20 Nov
  • “Dare to be More”, Ireland Executive Institute, Dublin, Ireland, 27 Nov
  • “Women in Leadership”, Danish Diversity Council, Copenhagen


  • Coty Beauty Innovation Program, London, UK, 12-14 Jan 2018
  • IE Talent Management Forum, Madrid, Spain, 24 Jan 2018
  • “The Future of Business” seminar, Aalborg, Denmark, 26 Jan
  • “The Future of Business” seminar, Odense, Denmark, 29 Jan
  • “The Future of Business” seminar, Aarhus, Denmark, 30 Jan
  • “Arabic Gamechangers” Masterclass, Zain/Boubyan, Kuwait 5-6 Feb
  • “Fast Growth” Masterclass, IE Business School, Dubai, UAE, 7-8 Feb
  • “The Future of Leadership” keynote, Pfizer Leadership Summit, London, UK, 7 Mar
  • Microsoft “Gamechangers” Forum, Seattle, USA, 8 Mar
  • “Fast Growth” Masterclass, KFAS, Kuwait, 11-14 Mar
  • Microsoft “Gamechangers” Forum, Seattle, USA, 20-21 Mar
  • Savola “Future of Food” Exec Team Workshop, London, UK, 23 Mar
  • “Future Leaders” exec program, Koc Group, Istanbul , Turkey, 26-28 Mar
  • “Leading from the Future Back” seminar, Borsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17 Apr
  • “X Marketing” keynote and host at MCT Business Summit, Istanbul, Turkey, 10-12 May
  • “Leading Brands and Innovation”, Vodafone, Madrid, Spain, 16 May
  • “Gamechangers Espana” keynote at Madrid Business Summit, Spain, 23 May
  • “Sustainable Innovation” Keynote, Oslo, Norway 4 Jun
  • “Leading from the Future Back”, KEBA, Linz, Austria, 7 June
  • “Leading Innovation and Growth” masterclass, NTT Dimension Data, 19-20 Jun
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, 25-29 Jun
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, 2-6 Jul
  • Microsoft “Future and Innovation” Masterclass, Seattle, USA, 9 Jul
  • Microsoft “Be the Gamechanger” Forums, Seattle, USA, 10-12 Jul
  • “The Future of Banking” keynote, Nordea Bank, Sigtuna, Sweden, 3 Sep
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, 10-14 Sep
  • Global Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, 17-21 Sep
  • “Be the Gamechanger” keynote, Microsoft Envision, Orlando, Florida, USA, 24 Sep
  • Host of Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018, Odense, Denmark, 26-27 Sep
  • “Be the Gamechanger” masterclass, Microsoft Global Board Retreat, Cambridge, UK, 2 Oct
  • “The Future of Work” keynote at the World Expo, Paris, France, 4 Oct
  • Innovation Accelerator, Aster Textile, Istanbul, Turkey, 5-6 Oct
  • “The Future of Fashion” keynote, Istanbul, Turkey, 7 Oct
  • “Leading from the Future Back” , TGW Logistics, Linz, Austria, 10 Oct
  • Innovation Accelerator, Aster Textile, Istanbul, Turkey, 20-21 Oct
  • Innovation Accelerator, Aster Textile, Istanbul, Turkey, 2-3 Nov
  • “The Future of Healthcare”, Saudi Ministry of Health, Riyadh, KSA, 5-6 Nov
  • “Disrupt or be Disrupted” masterclass, Dubai, UAE, 12 Nov
  • Host of the “Future Book Forum”, Munich, Germany, 21 Nov
  • Leading for Innovation and Growth” seminar, Russian Railways, Moscow, Russia, 23 Nov
  • “Travel Gamechangers” keynote, Global Business Travel Summit, Berlin, Germany, 27 Nov
  • “The Future Business” keynote, EGN Leadership Dinner Copenhagen, Denmark, 28 Nov
  • “The Future of Running”, Adidas Global HQ, Nurnberg, Germany, 3 Dec
  • Global Innovation and Growth Program, Orascom Egypt, 5 Dec
  • “Gamechangers” keynote, Skoda Nordics Forum, Helsinki, Finland, 11 Dec

pf cee 6


to be added


to be added


  • Healthcare Innovation: Insights Workshop (confidential client), 2 June 2015
  • Gamechangers Breakfast, with Canvas8, London UK, 19 May 2015
  • FutureHealth 2020, for Boehringer Ingelheim MENA Conference, 12 May 2015
  • Gamechanger Marketing,  Marketing Week Live, London UK, 29 April 2015
  • Gamechanger Customer Experiences, with SDL, London UK, 23 April 2015
  • Gamechanger Customer Experiences, with SDL, Amsterdam, Holland, 20 April 2015
  • Advanced Creativity, for UAE Financial Services Authority, Dubai, UAE 15 April 2015
  • Innovative Business Design. Webinar for IE Business School, 14 April 2015
  • FutureCruise: The Future of Travel, for Tallink, Sweden to Estonia, 24-25 Mar 15
  • Building the DNA of Global Brands, for Yildiz Holding, Istanbul, Turkey, 17 March 15
  • Gamechangers Executive Program, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain, 23-25 Mar 15
  • Gamechanger Leaders, Kazakh Business Forum, Astana, Kazakhstan 20 Mar 15
  • Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Impact, Kazakhtelecom, Astana, Kazakhstan 19 Mar 15
  • Gamechangers London, with Wandsworth Business Forum, London, 5 March 2015
  • Gamechangers Executive Program, IE Business School, 23-25 Feb 2015
  • Innovating the Customer Experience, with Best Western, Cardiff TBC 27 Jan 15



  • Gamechangers Turkey Awards, Lutfi Kirdir, Istanbul, Turkey, 4 Dec 2014
  • “Change the Game” Marketing Summit, with MCT, Istanbul, Turkey 3-4 Dec 2014
  • Gamechangers Masterclass, Istanbul Business School, Turkey, 1 Dec
  • Marketing Win-Win, Saudi Marketing Forum, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 26 Nov 14
  • “Are you ready to change the world?” at RigaComm 2014, Latvia, 15 Nov 14
  • Vision Management Program, at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain 14 Nov 14
  • Customer-Centric Banking, with Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany 13 Nov 14
  • FutureStore: New Trends in Retail, with Swedbank, Riga, Latvia 11 Nov 2014
  • The Future of Publishing, with Canon, Poing, Munich, Germany 5-6 Nov 2014
  • The Future of Banking, Yapi Kredi Finance Forum, Baku, Azerbeijan 4 Nov 14
  • The Future of Paint, European Paint Summit, Bosad, Istanbul Turkey, 23 Oct 2014
  • Winning with Customers, with Santander, Madrid, Spain (in-house) 21 Oct 2014
  • Future Fashion and Ingredient Branding with ISKO, Istanbul (project), 17 Oct 2014
  • Big Data + Big Ideas = Big Impact, SAS Forum, Lisbon, Portugal, 7 Oct 2014
  • The Customer’s Bank, with Santander, Madrid, Spain (in-house) 24 Sep 2014
  • The Future of Real Estate, with Zoopla & Property Academy, London, 22 Sep 2014
  • FutureBank with Supervielle, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 Sep 2014
  • Gamechangers Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina 17 Sep 2014
  • The Future of Brands, Deloitte Global Partner Meeting, London, 10-11 July 14
  • Marketing Genius Live in Jakarta, Indonesia Marketing Summit 2014,  26 June 14
  • Zoom in Zoom out. The Future of Marketing. SAP Den Bosch, Holland, 19 June 14
  • Gamechangers in the Baltics, Tallin, Estonia/Riga, Latvia 29-30 May 2014
  • FutureBank: Innovation in Banking, Raifeissen, Vienna, Austria, 28 May 2014
  • Gamechangers Vlerick Business School, Ghent, Belgium 22 May 2014
  • The Future of Brands, Global Marketing Excellence, Lower Horsley, 19 May 2014
  • Customer-Centric Banking, with Santander, Madrid, Spain (in-house) 14 May 2014
  • The Future of Communication, Canon Forums, Munich, Germany 13-15 May 2014
  • FutureBank: Driving Innovation in CEE, Erste Bank, Vienna, Austria, 7 May 2014
  • Gamechangers Franchised. Lebanese Franchise Assoc, Beirut, 29 April 2014
  • Customer-Centric Banking, with Santander, Madrid, Spain (in-house) 23 April 2014
  • Intelligent Business Strategy, Almirall, Barcelona, Spain (in-house) 2 April 2014
  • Why Marketing drives Business, Advertising Week Europe, 31 March, London 2014
  • The Future of Business Books, with Canon, Munich, Germany, 19-20 March 2014
  • “Lets do better!” Inspired Leadership and Strategy Retreat, UAE 4-6 Feb 2014

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pf cee 8


  • Brand Strategy “Strategy Lab” (consulting), Paris, France 5-21 December 2012
  • “The Market Makers: Winning from the Outside In” Skanska, London, 29 Nov 2012
  • Gamechangers: Innovation that changes the world” Istanbul, 22 Nov 12
  • “Insights + Propositions + Experiences” Teliasonera, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 8 Nov 12
  • “Future Customers, Future Business” Vistage SME Leaders, London, 19 Oct 12
  • Brand Strategy “Brand Summit” (confidential client), New York, USA 15-17 Oct 12
  • Brand Strategy “Strategy Lab” (confidential client), Colombo, Sri Lanka 12 Oct 12
  • Brand Strategy “Design Lab” (confidential client), Colombo, Sri Lanka 1 Oct 12
  • “Strategic Market Management Program” Eczacibasi, Istanbul, 25-29 Sep 12
  • “The Fusion Room”, Executive Innovation Forum (confidential client), Istanbul, 23 Sep 12
  • The New Consumer Agenda” Big Insights Workshop, Paris and New York, 14 Sep 12
  • Brand Strategy “Insight Lab” (confidential client), Colombo, Sri Lanka 7 Sep 12
  • Genius Marketing Lab” and “Godfather v Gamechanger” Cairo, Egypt 27 May 12
  • “Heads Up!” Customer-Driven Leaders, GSK Canada, Toronto Ontario, 17 May 12
  • Winning ICE (Integrated Customer Experience), STC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 24 Apr 12
  • CEO Mentoring” Inspiring Leaders +IdeazFactory, Beirut, Lebanon, 22 March 2012
  • The Future of Business” Beirut Traders Assoc +IdeazFactory, Beirut, 21 March 12
  • Ideaz Fusion” Lebanese Restaurants Association +IdeazFactory, Beirut, 21 March 12
  • Next Generation Business” Family Businesses +IdeazFactory, Beirut, 21 March 12
  • The Future of Brands” with BAT and IMD, Horsley Court (in-house), 6 Mar 2012
  • 9.58: Achieving Peak Performance“, Hersheys+Genius Middle East, 29 Feb 12
  • Brand Strategy workshop for OMV Petrol Ofisi, Istanbul, 9 Feb 2012
  • The Future of Hospitality“, HIT Scotland, Glasgow Science Centre, 7 Feb 2012
  • The Gamechangers: Rethinking Innovation“, Magyar Telekom, Hungary, 31 Jan 12
  • Slingshots. Creating ultimate events for sponsors“, EMEC, Budapest 31 Jan 2012
  • Pilot Fish: Clever Strategies for Meeting Planners“, EMEC, Budapest 30 Jan 2012
  • Vision 2020: the Future of Meetings” IAPCO, Wolfsberg, Switzerland, 26 Jan12
  • “Rethinking the Property Business in 2012”, Pheonix, Leatherhead, UK 13 Jan 12



  • Winning in a Downturn: 50 Strategies for Marketing“, Cairo, Egypt, 18-19 Dec 11
  • “The Paradox of Real Estate”, Keynote at EAE Live 2011, London, 8 Dec 11
  • Launch of “Cambridge Marketing Leadership Academy, Istanbul”, MCT, 6 Dec 11
  • Winning as a 21st Century Marketer“, Standard Life, Edinburgh, 28 Nov 11
  • “Discovering Differentiation” SBA Business Conference, Vilnius, 11 Nov 11
  • The Future of Brands” with BAT and IMD, Horsley Court (in-house), 1 Nov 11
  • “Action Lab: The Future of Food and Drink” (client workshop), Izmir, 22 Oct 11
  • “Small Business Strategy Lab” (client workshop), Istanbul, 19-20 Oct 11
  • Be Bold: How Brands come Alive“, MEY Alcoholic Drinks (Yeni Reki), 18 Oct 11
  • “Small Business Concept Lab” (client workshop), Istanbul, 13-14 Oct 11
  • “The Future of Meetings and Conferences”, Assoc Networking Forum, 3 Oct 11
  • “Strategy Lab: The Future of Food and Drink” (client workshop), Izmir, 8-9 Sep 11
  • “Future Markets, Future Brands” (client workshop), Istanbul, 9 Aug 11
  • “Insight Lab: The Future of Food and Drink” (client workshop), Cesme, 22 July 11
  • “50 Marketing Secrets for Property Agents”, Phoenix, Leatherhead, 19 July 11
  • “Customer-Centric Brands and Propositions” (workshop), Vilnius, 12-13 July 11
  • How to Build a Brand like Pixar make Movies“, Edinburgh Film Festival, 23 Jun 11
  • Peter Fisk : Marketing Genius Live” Masterclass, Skopje, Macedonia, 27 May 11
  • Genius Marketing: The 21C Toolkit” Masterclass. LBFME, Dubai, 24 May 1
  • Creative Genius. Innovation from the Future Back” for Walters Kluwer, 23 May 11
  • How to market like Leonardo da Vinci“, Arts Marketing Assoc, Cambridge, 4 May 11
  • Digital Desire” (video), Creating demand for broadband,  Krakow, Poland, 12 Apr 11
  • The 7 Secrets of Marketing Innovation“, UtalkMarketing MI Expo, London, 7 Apr 11
  • Real People, Real Brands” (invitation only), Farnborough, Hampshire. 5-7 Apr 11
  • InnoLab Eczacibasi Building Systems, Istanbul (in-house), 25 Mar 11
  • “The Future of Brands” with IMD, Horsley Court (in-house), 15 Mar 11
  • “Worldchanging: Make your Mark” with Callcredit, Leeds (in-house), 10 Mar 11
  • Everything you need is inside you” MCT HR Summit, Istanbul 16-17 Feb 11
  • “We are the Change Agents” EMEC with MPI, Dusseldorf, Germany, 15 Feb 11
  • InnoLab Eczacibasi Building Systems, Istanbul (in-house program), 18 Feb 11
  • BrandLab Tata Steel Brand Strategies (in-house program), Amsterdam, 25 Jan 11
  • “Future Vision 2020”, IAPCO Seminar, Wolfsberg, Geneva, Switzerland, 20 Jan 11
  • InnoLab Eczacibasi Building Systems, Istanbul (in-house program), 14 Jan 11

pf cee 9


  • Live Marketing : New ideas for Experiential Marketing”, Nestle with Boogy, 9 Dec 10
  • Gaga to Gugu” International Customer & Marketing Summit,  Istanbul, 9 Dec 10
  • 10 Steps to a Customer Experience“, Corporate Governance Assoc, 8 Dec 10
  • Future Agenda” with Kevin Roberts and Alain Coumont,  Istanbul, 7 Dec
  • Brand Camp” for Arcelik, Divan Asia near Istanbul, 4-5 December 2010
  • “Marketing Upside Down”, Foodservice Network, Amsterdam, 2 Dec 2010
  • “Where the World Meets”, EIBTM Global Meetings Expo, Barcelona, 1 Dec 2010
  • Retail Futures 2011“, Swedbank Retail Forum, Riga, Latvia 25 November 2010
  • “Dare to be Different” for Capco Global Meeting, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, 20 Nov 2010
  • Brandscapes 2011+”, InnoLab for Coca Cola with Boogy, 12 November 2010
  • “Innovation from the Future Back”, Yapi Kredi Exec Masterclass, Istanbul, 11 Nov 2010
  • “Conference 2020 Vision”, Visit Denmark, Danish Embassy, Brussels, 10 Nov 2010
  • “Rethinking Brands. Seeing things differently”, BAT with IMD, 20 Oct 2010
  • The Future of Brands“, The Marketing Forum, SV Arcadia, 15 October 2010
  • “The New World of Creative Participants”, Marketing Forum, 14 October 2010
  • “Can you feel it? … Change and Growth”, Covidien Benelux, Amsterdam, 11 Oct 2010
  • “Hotspots and Rocket Ships”, Keynote for Covidien EMEA, Antalya, 4 Oct 2010
  • The New Whitespaces“, Nordic Banking Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, 21 Sep 2010
  • “Conference 2020 Vision”, Visit Denmark, Danish Embassy, Paris, 21 Sep 2010
  • The New Art of Marketing” Edinburgh International Marketing Festival (August 10)
  • “Gaga to Guggenheim: The Power of Ubuntu” Comic Relief, London (July 10)
  • “Mono or Multi Brand? That’s not the Question” Cass University, London (Jul 10)
  • Apple to Obama: The New Market Leaders” London Business Forum (May 10)
  • The New Whitespaces“, Iberia Banking Forum, Madrid, Spain (May 10)
  • Pilot Fish : The New Strategy for Business Growth“, CEO Forum, Tallinn (May 10)
  • The New Market Leaders“, Assoc Independent Stores, Birmingham, (Apr 10)
  • The Uniqueness of HR“, MCT International HR Summit (chairman), Istanbul, (Apr 10)
  • The New Market Leaders” Banking Business School, Cambridge (Apr 10)
  • Innovation from the Future Back” TEB Innovation Summit, Istanbul, (Mar 10)
  • The New Whitespaces“, Visa Sales and Relationship Conference,  London (Mar 10)
  • Rethinking with Pablo Picasso” MPI’s European Meetings Conference, Spain (Mar 10)
  • The Creativity of Extraordinary Events” Workshop, EMAC, Malaga, Spain (Feb 10)
  • The Future of Meetings and Conferences” for IAPCO, Athens, Greece (Feb 10)
  • The New Marketing Agenda” for World Lottery Conference, London (Jan 10)


  • Creative Genius. Innovation with Leonardo da Vinci“, Henkel, Dusseldorf (Nov 09)
  • RESTART innovation” for Swedbank Retail Forum 2009, Vilnius, Lithuania, (Nov 09)
  • Creative Genius: Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci“, LBF, London (Nov 09)
  • Customer Genius: Doing business from the Outside In“, LBF, London (Nov 09)
  • “The Impact Zone” for New Market Entry Strategy, Twickenham Stadium (Nov 09)
  • “Marketing in Times of Crisis and Change” Live in Vrsac, Serbia with Millenium (Oct 09)
  • “Digital Futures” Omnitel Marketing Masterclass, Vilnius, Lithuania, (Oct 09)
  • People Planet Profit” at BFF Sustainability Forum, London Stock Exchange, (Oct 09)
  • “Winning in times of Crisis and Change”, Stockholm Visitor Board, Sweden (Sep 09)
  • “The Yin and Yang of Extraordinary Brands”, Stockholm Business, Sweden (Sep 09)
  • Life after the Crisis. Winning in 2012” keynote at SFA Conference, Dublin (Sep 09)
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