Wave Riders: Stepping up to lead the future

December 6, 2021 at Oracle Top Talent Signature Series, online with Headspring (Americas/Europe)

Download Peter Fisk’s keynote WaveRiders for Oracle. 

Oracle’s new Signature Series for Top Talent brings together the most inspiring ideas from the top professors at the world’s leading business schools. The series kicks off with this session.

Worldchanging: How do you see the future?

We live in a time of incredible change. Dramatic, pervasive, and relentless. More change in the next 10 years than the last 250 years. Incredible technologies, expectant consumers, climate crisis, social distrust, and much more. The biggest question for leaders is “How do you see the future?”

  • Every market is shaken up, how pandemic accelerated the future
  • Asia to AI, GenZ and gene-editing, sustainability and the super-apps
  • Exploring the new order in markets, from energy to finance, healthcare to retail

Megatrends: How to harness the change drivers?

How will you embrace the megatrends? Disruptive technologies, connected and intelligent; economic power shifts, 80% of the middle class in emerging markets; resource scarcity, where water is the biggest risk; demographic change, where markets are older, demanding and mobile; and rapid urbanisation, 33 of the 45 megacities in Asia.

  • What the 5 megatrends mean for me, turning challenge into opportunity
  • Starting from the future back, working from the outside in
  • How to explore the future and deliver today

Reimagining Business: What are the new codes of business?

The old codes of business don’t work anymore. The most innovative companies – from Alibaba and Bytedance, to Coupang and Deepmind – succeed with new codes. So what are the new ideas to win in a fast and dynamic world of Asian renaissance, entrepreneurial supremacy, social conscience and smarter machines?

  • What can we learn the world’s most innovative companies right now
  • Exploring the radical innovations of companies like Orsted and PingAn
  • Finding better purpose, smarter growth and faster transformation

Rethinking Leadership: How to lead a better future?

Where do you start? With a future mindset. Start from the future back, and outside in. Seek purpose before profit. Connect talent and technology. Turn hierarchies into ecosystems. And what does it take to lead in this future? Curiosity and imagination, humanity and responsibility, transformation and collaboration, grit and impact.

  • How do we lead differently in a world of uncertain, relentless change?
  • What does it mean for a business like Oracle, and how we work with clients?
  • How do you see the future? Being curious, creative and courageous.