Strategic partnering … the SMART selling system

May 12, 2016 at Wiesbaden, Germany

From Sales to Key Account Management to Strategic Partnering

The classic sales focus on building relationships is increasingly under pressure from price, particularly when all the solutions on offer are standard and the same.

As markets are shaken up, customers redefine their priorities, and a new order of competitors emerges. There will be winners and losers. Some companies will work harder, whilst others will think smarter. Some will take anything, whilst others refocus their effort. Some will struggle to survive, whilst others will seize the opportunities of change, to sell more, and grow.

SMART selling is about solving real problems, helping the client to understand their markets, risks and opportunities, then together developing practical approaches that are real, relevant and more profitable. SMART selling is more engaging, more distinctive and more likely to win you the business. It is about winning together, enabling you and your client to achieve more.

Part 1: Time for a Sales Revolution

  • Customer power, declining prices, promiscuous customers
  • How to understand changing markets, risks and opportunities
  • Why changing markets require a new approach to sales
  • What will make customers choose you?
  • 5 types of sales people
  • Google. Stop selling products. Start creating growth.
  • Skanska. Helping clients to find better opportunities.

Part 2:  Shaking up markets with the SMART selling system

  • See the bigger opportunities
  • Motivate the client by seeing the value
  • Articulate the improved client solution
  • Redefine yourself as business partner
  • Transform the client’s business
  • Intel. From product roadmaps to customer growth maps.
  • DHL. Supply chains need innovative solutions.

Part 3: Accelerating impact with a SMART platform

  • Finding the right clients
  • Challenging and inspiring decision makers
  • Building a portfolio of potential solutions
  • Enabling clients to achieve more
  • Creating an ongoing platform
  • Corning. From Gorilla Glass to better life.
  • IBM. Selling more in a smarter planet.

Part 4: Winning as a SMART sales team

  • How will you win?
  • Create the sale, don’t wait for it, work smarter not harder
  • Finding new insights, ideas and innovations
  • Turning opportunities into practical solutions
  • Time to be bold, brave and brilliant
  • McKinsey. Selling the brand to the CEO.
  • GE. From order takers to market makers.

(Today’s workshop is an introduction to this process, defining the company’s aspiration for strategic partnering, and the priorities for moving towards it. The full program is available as a 2 day masterclass).

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