Shaping the future in your own vision

March 18, 2019 at Pfizer Upjohn, Dubai, UAE (invitation only)

Click here: Download a summary of Peter Fisk’s keynote for Pfizer Upjohn in Dubai UAE on 18 March 2019.

How do you see your future?

We live in an incredible time.  More change in the next 10 years than in the last 250 years. New technologies transforming the ways in which we live and work.

These are just some of the fantastic new capabilities that enable us to innovate beyond what we can even imagine today. The future isn’t like the future used to be. We cannot just evolve or extrapolate the past. Today’s future is discontinuous, disruptive, different.

And in this new world, healthcare is undergoing one of the most dramatic changes. And so, with Upjohn Emerging Markets’ new organisation model, the opportunities are huge.

It is imagination that will move us forwards … unlocking the technological possibilities, applying them to real problems and opportunities, to drive innovation and growth in every industry, in every part of our lives.

Imagine a world where you press “print” to get the dress of your dreams, the food of your fantasies, or the spare parts for your car. Instantly, personalised and on demand. Think then what does that mean if we don’t need the huge scale of manufacturing plants, warehousing and transportation. Maybe we will even subscribe to the IP catalogues of brands, rather than buy standard products, in the ways we currently subscribe to Netflix.

Smarter innovation, faster growth

The best opportunities for business – to find new growth, to engage consumers more deeply, to stand out from the crowd, to improve their profitability – is by seizing the opportunities of changing markets. The best way to seize these changes is by innovating – not just innovating the product or service, the customer experience or business model – but by shaping the market in your vision – the “who, why, what and where”.

In a digitally-fuelled world, the most successful brand innovators embrace “ideas and networks”  to drive exponential impact – like WhatsApp creating $19bn in three years, Airbnb $40bn in 9 years, Alibaba $476bn in 18 years, Amazon $740bn in 23 days.

In healthcare, look to the disruptions of the likes of 23andMe’s DNA profiling and PatientsLikeMe, Editas’ gene editing through to Infervision’s AI diagnostics, AliveCor’s realtime tracking and Organova’s 3D printed organs. Simple solutions by thinking differently work too, like Narayana Hospitals in India or Aravind Eyecare.

Innovators start from the future back, making sense of change, seeing the new patterns and possibilities, innovation pervades everything they do, rethinking the way the business and the market work, engaging consumers in a world of noise and distrust, to create new value and accelerate new growth.

Summary of keynote

World Changing : Exploring the opportunities of a changing world

  • Relentless change brings new challenges and opportunities
  • New consumers with new dreams and new expectations
  • Applying technology in smarter, human and more distinctive ways
  • Thinking bigger to solve problems, 10x not 10%
  • So where are the biggest opportunities for Upjohn?

Game Changing : Learning from the world’s best innovators

  • The world’s 100 most innovative brands, shaking up the world right now
  • Amazon to Glossier, Nespresso and Tesla, Jio and Maituan Dianping
  • How can you make unusual connections – the power of copy, adapt, paste
  • Being more audacious, networked, collaborative, and intelligent
  • What can we learn from them? How could we disrupt the future of healthcare?

Leading Change: Shaping the future in your own vision

  • Starting from the future back, then delivering practically now forwards
  • Working from the outside in, finding a bigger purpose, more relevance and value
  • Delivering experiences that enable doctors and patients to achieve more
  • Harnessing the power of people, connected through brand communities
  • What will you do?Time to be bold, brave and brilliant

About Upjohn

Upjohn is a division of Pfizer. As an organisation committed to putting patients first, Pfizer has always evolved with the changing needs of the people who rely on us to create a healthier world. That’s why our newly launched business, Upjohn, leverages the strengths at the core of who we are: an entrepreneurial mindset and a sense of purpose.

Inspired by the heritage of a company known for its pioneering science, Upjohn harnesses the power of 20 of Pfizer’s most iconic established biopharmaceutical brands – across therapeutic areas including Cardiovascular, Pain, Psychiatry, and Urology – by thinking strategically and operating nimbly. And with the addition of our U.S. Greenstone portfolio, Upjohn’s commercial model also aims to reach a more diversified set of consumers.

At a time when healthcare is increasingly defined by a growing global middle class, a focus on quality and affordability and the rise of non-communicable diseases, Upjohn combines the agility of a startup with the resources and capabilities of a Fortune 100 enterprise. As a result, we’re able to both innovate and execute quickly, from activating our portfolio to improving manufacturing to advancing research and development.

Today, Upjohn serves more than 100+ markets and has a network of 9 dedicated manufacturing sites bringing quality and reliability. And with roots in innovation and technological ingenuity, Upjohn is poised to take our portfolio of established medicines to the next level, bringing life-changing medicines to patients around the world and trailblazing a new path for the industry.

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