RE/CODE Program … Leadership Recoded (Module 5)

May 26, 2021 at Online (5 of 5)

“RE/CODE” is a new, practical accelerated program for business leaders and managers.

Change is dramatic, pervasive and relentless. The challenges are numerous. The opportunities are greater.  Incredible technologies and geopolitical shifts, complex markets and stagnating growth, demanding customers and disruptive entrepreneurs, environmental crisis and social distrust, unexpected shocks and uncertain futures.

The old codes that got us here don’t work anymore. Moving forwards needs a new mindset.

Have you the courage to create a better future?

The program helps leaders and managers to develop the new mindset, courage and capabilities, to make sense of a world of complex and dramatic change, the new challenges and opportunities, to explore the new concepts and techniques to lead business, and to reimagine your personal and business future.

The program is based around 5 modules – future, growth, innovation, work and leadership – and delivered through 5 online modules, each including a half-day interactive seminar, plus self guided learning through additional resources.

Peter Fisk is your expert guide to this new world, helping you to prepare and to succeed in it. He is both academic and practitioner, bringing together the very latest thought-leading concepts from around the world, with the practical insights and case studies from companies leading in applying them right now, and the tools for you to do it too.

The program explores how to lead a better future, to reimagine your business, to reinvent markets, to energise your people. It describes how to combine profit with more purpose, intelligent technologies with creative people, radical innovation with sustainable impact.

It dives deep into the minds of some of today’s most inspiring business leaders – people like Anne Wojcicki and Jeff Bezos, Emily Weiss and Devi Shetty, Daniel Ek and Tan Le, Mary Barra and Masayoshi Son, Satya Nadella and Zhang Ruimin.

And learns from the innovative strategies of incredible companies – Alibaba and Amazon, Babylon and BlackRock, Meituan Dianping and Microsoft, Narayana Health and Netflix, Patagonia and PingAn, Spotify and Supercell, and many more.

In each module you will also explore a wide range of practical tools and approaches, including toolkits and templates to take away and apply the ideas directly to your business.

Recode 1: Future Recoded

Leaders used to look to the future, based on their success in the past. Most business strategies are built on what the organisation is currently good at. Most business plans are built on doing what you did last year, but a little better. Indeed we spend far more time looking backwards, evaluating what we have done, rather than looking forwards. Anticipating, interpreting a future that is dynamic, complex and uncertain is not easy. But that is where the opportunities lie. Leadership today is about shaping the future in your own vision, and that starts by having perspective, being farsighted, and more expeditionary.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • How to make strategic choices when the future is complex and uncertain?
  • What creates a good purpose statement, and how is it different from vision and strategy?
  • How to balance longer-term initiatives with the obsession with short-term results?
  • Where are the future opportunities, the blue oceans, the emerging uncontested markets?
  • How do I engage my people in being excited about our future potential?

Recode 2: Growth Recoded

Growth used to be limited. Limited by the mental boundaries in which we saw are credibility – we were bounded by our finite description of the sector in which we operated, maybe geography too; we were bounded by doing what we were good at, and what our existing customers wanted. Today, we live in a blur, a market matrix that sees the world as our oyster. The smallest business can embrace cloud technologies to have the widest reach, and indeed many of the world’s largest platform businesses are actually very small. While “average” growth might have stagnated, there are pockets of opportunity everywhere.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • Where are my best opportunities for future growth, in new sectors or new geographies?
  • How can I shape my market to my advantage, and brands to dominate my chosen spaces?
  • Why do networks deliver exponential growth, and how can they apply to me business?
  • How can I embrace customers more actively in developing the future together?
  • Where do I start in developing a better strategic roadmap?

Recode 3: Innovation Recoded

Most innovation is still focused on developing better products, maybe services. Most innovation takes a cool new technology and tries to apply it to an old activity. Innovation applies to every aspect of business, and like the entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt established business, we need to entrepreneurial in mindset and action. That starts with hypothesis and experimentation. Ideas come from insight, not through old research, instead through deep immersion and stretch imagination. Experimentation is about rapid test and learn loops, being able to conceptualise ideas than test them quickly, to learn and then scale them.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • Where do new ideas come from, how can we more curious and creative as an organisation?
  • How can I use human-centred design thinking as a catalyst for faster, smarter innovation?
  • What are the alternative business models that could work in my business, and how can I adopt them?
  • How do I ensure that innovations don’t lose their impact once they enter the market?
  • What sustains  a culture of innovation through my business?

Recode 4: Work Recoded

Most organisations were designed for stability and efficiency, not agility and change. Hierarchical layers of command and control may have worked in the days of Henry Ford, but not Elon Musk. Today’s most effective organisations are much more adaptive,  like living organisms. They work in highly decentralised self-organising teams, more like start-ups under one roof. Teams need to be diverse and collaborative, learning to work at speed with high levels of trust and impact. Transformation is much more than digitalisation, it requires the whole organisation to reinvent itself, and probably to do so continuously.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • How do I design my organisation to balance freedom and control?
  • What makes a great team work?
  • How can we work with more partners, to achieve more together, as an ecosystem?
  • What builds energy, pace and momentum inside the organisation?
  • How do I drive effective change, and sustain transformation over time?

Recode 5: Leadership Recoded

Leadership is about amplifying the potential of your people, and your business. Leadership is having a clear view of the future, and engaging your people in going there with you. Leadership is heads up, not heads down. Yet leadership is often a lonely job. How do you develop the resilience to keep working at pace, overcoming challenges, being the radical optimist? Today’s leaders face more challenges, more complexity, more uncertainty and more scrutiny than ever. It takes real courage to step-up. But now is the time when we need leaders more than ever.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • What’s your leadership style, that is right for you and your organisation?
  • How should you spend your time, balancing internal and external, short and long-term priorities?
  • In many ways, everyone is a leader, but how does leadership change across the organisation?
  • What makes a great storyteller, and how can I more effectively inspire and influence people?
  • How do I have more courage to create the future, for myself and my business?

The program is supported by a range of self-learning resources, including articles and case studies, toolkits and templates. The program is highly interactive, but also stretching and challenging. It includes the development of a project in which participants develop a “gamechanger” blueprint for the future of their business or industry, supported by colleagues and coaching.

The program builds on the new book “Business Recoded”, which is available now, and free to all participants.

© Peter Fisk 2021