The Best Ideas in Business: 50 Inspirations in 50 Minutes

November 15, 2016 at Copenhagen, Denmark

What are the best new ideas for business leaders?

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How have the rules of business changed? The concepts of strategy and innovation, the ways to engage and lead your people, the most effective ways to organise and deliver, and most of all, how to be the most effective business leader.

It’s probably 20 years (or more) since you went to business school? Think how the world has changed in that time … customer expectations, digital technologies, global markets, millennial mindsets …

Peter Fisk explores what it takes to lead and win in today’s digital, disruptive and dramatically-changing environment … a business world that is being shaped by innovators from Jack Ma to Elon Musk, enabled by ideas from blockchain to gene editing, and delivered by brands as diverse as 23andMe and Xiaomi.

We look back at where business ideas have come from. But then consider which ideas are still relevant, and which are most important in today’s digital, disruptive world:


We will learn from the world’s top ranked business gurus, according to Thinkers50, and focus on what are their best ideas – why they matter, how they connect, and what they means for you.

Peter will also give you a sneak preview of the the incredibly exciting plans for the Thinkers50 European Business Forum coming to Odense in partnership with Deloitte on 9-10 May next year featuring Michael Porter delivering the European Business Lecture 2017, and many more of the world’s top gurus.

Who are the world’s top 50 business thinkers?


#1: Michael Porter

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