Mobility Recoded: Creating the future of the automotive business

January 8, 2020 at Graz, Austria ... Event cancelled

The future of cars

Autonomous driving will happen. Who does it first is the question. But it’s ready now. The issues with it really are to do with insurance and culpability. Currently, if an autonomous car hits a car which is being driven by a person, who’s at fault? The person driving could say, no, this machine was out of control… there are lots and lots of issues aside from the technology that are stopping autonomous driving. At some point, some state or some country will decide: this section of road is for autonomous cars. And then we’ll start to see it proliferate.

Urban driving

In a major city, does it make sense to own a car anymore? Not really. You can’t park it anywhere unless you have a fantastic house with a driveway and a garage. You’re always penalised, you’re always stuck in a traffic jam. So why not have, like bikes and scooters to rent per minute or km, cars that are autonomous. You can stick £10 in the slot and then use the car for a 30-minute journey in London. And, presto, because it’s connected, it takes you the best route. What happens to taxis? Maybe the taxis are there just for tourists. We will have this kind of technology, and it will probably be a lane splitter – in other words, it won’t be a wide car, it will be something quite narrow, so you can get three or four of them in a lane where you have one car currently. That way, you can transport more people around the city. Will they be electric, will they be hydrogen? Probably one of those two propulsion methods.

Luxury cars

What we call the high-luxury segments, or the premium segments, are growing globally. The one thing that we see in world economies and patterns of purchase are more freedom all the time, more choice left to the consumer. I think there will be a greater diversity of product. We’ve seen a proliferation already. If you look back to the 60s and 70s, there were many car manufacturers. But they probably made a handful of cars: a medium-sized car, a big car and then an estate version. Now the amount of cars, from micro cars to massive SUVs, crossovers and hybrid products – they just keep going.


AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems (hybrid, combustion engine, transmission, electric drive, batteries, fuel cell and control technology) for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle.  The company has decades of experience in the development and optimization of powertrain systems for all industries. As a global technology leader, AVL provides complete and integrated development environments, measurement and test systems as well as state-of-the-art simulation methods.  As a pioneer in the field of innovative solutions, such as diverse electrification strategies for powertrains, AVL is increasingly taking on new tasks in the field of autonomous driving, especially on the basis of subjective human sensations (driveability, connectivity, ADAS, etc.).

Agenda for Peter Fisk’s keynote:

Mobility Recoded: Creating the future of automotive business

  • World changing
    • Every sector, every geography, every dimension is being shaken up
    • The disruption of technology, changing consumers, redefining priorities
    • Startups and traditionalists, tech and human, stability and agility, future and today
  • Business recoded
    • Winning in new ways, starting from the future back, and outside in
    • Inspired by Coca Cola and Disney, ARM and BNP Paribas, GE and Microsoft
    • Being the enabler, seeing the future, fast and agile, ecosystem partners together
  • Leading the future
    • What does it take to win in the future – to shape the future you want – to your advantage
    • Sales becomes strategists, technologists become ethnographers, finance become enablers
    • Be the change you want to see in the world – bold, brave brilliant
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