Market shifts + Media shifts + Mindset shifts

November 4, 2020 at P&G Mediacademy, Online keynote (invitation only)

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Consumers have changed significantly in their attitudes towards brands and business – their motivations, influences, and aspirations.

They have also changed in their behaviours, both towards media and more generally –  how they discover, who they trust, how they engage.

The challenge for marketers is not simply about media shift – from television to digital media, broadcast to interactive and social – we all know that kids don’t watch TV anymore.

The real challenge is a power shift – consumers in control, pull not push – communicating on their terms, in their context, in their community.

Communication platforms are less ours but theirs – peer to peer, engaging in their world, contributing to their broader lives.

Engagement is achieved through deeper immersion – data driving personalisation, interaction with gamification, loyalty through community.

Brand narratives are no longer planned and controlled – more a curation of what people say, stimulating and shaping their dialogues.

Great examples range from Glossier to Mikkeller, Nestle and Unilever, Rapha to Sephora, Duolingo to Pinduoduo, Headspace and Xbox.

This demands a mindset shift far beyond a media shift – for marketers to reimagine communication, brand building and growth strategies.

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