NHC Leading through Innovation … Lead, Explore, Accelerate, Disrupt

November 2, 2021 at Online, with Headspring

Change is dramatic, pervasive and relentless. The challenges are numerous. The opportunities are greater.

Incredible technologies and geopolitical shifts, complex markets and stagnating growth, demanding customers and disruptive entrepreneurs, environmental crisis and social distrust, unexpected shocks and uncertain futures. The old codes that got us here don’t work anymore. Moving forwards needs a new mindset.

In this workshop, with NHC, we explore:

  • Innovating from the future back, turning strategies into practical actions
    • Insight 6: How UAE reimagines growth from the future back
    • Tool 6: Future Roadmap
  • Innovation from the outside in, problem solving, lean experiments and rapid development
    • Insight 7: How Amazon sustains fast and disruptive innovation
    • Tool 7: Innovation Accelerator
  • Innovation beyond products and services, developing new business models
    • Insight 8: How Haier’s Zhang Ruimin reimagined innovative business models
    • Tool 8: New Business Models
  • Managing a strategic portfolio of innovations to deliver with agility and impact
    • Insight 9: How Fujifilm sustains innovation from beauty to healthcare
    • Tool 9: Innovation Portfolio
  • What does this mean for leaders, how do leaders need to lead differently?
    • Insight 10: How Jim Snabe, chairman of Siemens, is transforming leadership
    • Tool 10: The New Leadership DNA
  • What will you do?