“Leading the Future” with IE’s Global AMP in Lisbon

March 18, 2020 at Lisbon, Portugal (POSTPONED)

IE Executive Education cordially invites you to an exclusive Masterclass with our Program Director and global business thought leader, Peter Fisk.

Leading the Future” is about stepping up to the challenge of new markets and technologies, with new leadership and new organizations. Leading the future demands leaders of change rather than continuity, with the courage and capability to make sense of the rapidly emerging future and seize the best opportunities.

Ready to find out how you can shape markets in your vision rather than be held hostage by the next generation of entrepreneurs and global competitors? How will you shape your organization and its strategies to take you forwards? How will you harness the power of technologies and ensure more positive impact? How will you go beyond the strategies and minds of your own leaders of today? How can you be a Gamechanger?

If you are a small business, this is particularly for you. In many ways small businesses, like speedboats, have the speed and agility to outsmart the larger corporates, more like supertankers, in today’s world. If you’re a corporate, you probably want to embrace the culture of entrepreneurs, small teams and fresh thinking. For this reason we turn to 10 of most inspiring business leaders in the world today, to learn from their stories:

  • Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe – the Wall Street analyst reinventing the world of healthcare with personalised DNA analytics
  • Emily Weiss, Glossier – the Vogue beauty blogger who embraced her followers to create the fastest growing beauty company
  • Danae Ringelmann, Indiegogo – the Norwegian investment entrepreneur who found her purpose from a young age
  • Katrina Lake, StitchFix – the data-obsessed fashion entrepreneur sends you a personalised box of clothes every month
  • Tan Le, Emotiv – the Vietnamese boat refugee who founded the world’s leading brainwave technology company
  • Javier Goyeneche, Ecoalf– the Spanish fashion entrepreneur, up cycling plastic bottles and ink cartridges into beautiful clothes
  • Wang Xing, Meituan Dianping – the Chinese founder of the world’s most innovative company, delivering anything to you
  • Jos De Blok, Buurtzorg – the Dutch healthcare entrepreneur, who created a self-organising home care service
  • Mikkel Bjergso, Mikkeler – the Danish teacher who embraced platform tech to become the world’s largest craft beer brand
  • Justin Woolverton, HaloTop – the Californian lawyer who made non-guilt ice cream in his kitchen, then sold it to the world

We will also take a whirlwind journey through IE’s Global AMP”, the innovative flagship program for senior executives ready to shape the future of their business, and themselves. It brings together the best new ideas for business, with the most useful tools for business leaders. It connects technology and humanity, business and society, art and science, profit and progress. The Global AMP is also a program inspired by some of the most amazing companies and leaders who are shaping today’s markets.

It is time to be bold, brave and brilliant!