Leading Change with IE Business School

October 19, 2021 at Online (invitation only)

This seminar, for board members and executive leaders, introduces the key ingredients of “leading change” in today’s fast and dynamic world. It is specifically for Alturki Holding and other invited guests.

Download a summary of the keynote: Leading Change by Peter Fisk

Alturki Holding is a premier investor and partner of choice for building sustainable businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region. Sectors include Construction and Building Materials, Infrastructure, Transportation, Information and Communications Technologies, Oil-Field Tools and Services, Real Estate, plus new trending industries such as Healthcare IT, and Education Technology. The focus is on companies that aim to positively transform business models and society through new digital technologies and harnessing the potential of the fourth industrial revolution.


Making sense of change and uncertainty – finding new opportunities for innovation and growth

    • More change in the next 10 year than last 250
    • How every market is shaken-up, energy to finance, auto to food
    • Riding the megatrends, how to embrace the big strategic global shifts

Competing in markets of relentless change – learning from the world’s most innovative companies

    • Having a growth not fixed mindset, inspired by Satya Nadella and Jessica Tan
    • Inspired innovation from Haier, Reliance Jio, and Tesla
    • Thinking from the outside in to reframe your business, and redefine your purpose

Driving business transformation as a core capability  – build a portfolio to win today and tomorrow

    • Starting from the future back, then working now forwards
    • Inspired transformation by Orsted, DBS and Cemex
    • Building a future-today portfolio for relentless change, like Fujifilm

Leaders in a world of change – the challenge of seizing and shaping the future to your advantage

    • Leading in a complex and uncertain world, inspired by Jeff Bezos and Masa Son
    • 7 ways to become an ambidexterous leader, thinking long and short-term
    • Being curious, creative and courageous

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