Innovation Safari with Chalhoub … inspired by the world’s luxury innovators

November 23, 2021 at Chalhoub, Dubai, UAE

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Who are the world’s most innovative companies? What do they do? What are the future drivers, shaping markets and customer agendas, brands and business models?

And in particular, for Chalhoub, one of the Middle East’s leading luxury businesses, how are luxury brands, and retail, being transformed?

Having established itself as an indispensable door into the Middle East for luxury brands since its founding 65 years ago, the Chalhoub Group has undergone a profound transformation in the last few years.

In order to maintain its leading position in the region, the distribution giant, which was founded in Damascus by Michel Widad Chalhoub in 1955 and moved its HQ to Dubai at the beginning of the ’90s, has undertaken a veritable digital revolution and doubled down on strategic partnerships, while also investing in high-tech distribution solutions with start-ups.

With operations in 12 countries, including India, where the group distributes fragrances, the company runs 700 stores and 12 e-commerce sites in the Middle East. It employs 12,000 people and distributes some 400 brands, from big-name luxury brands to niche labels, not to mention the group’s own private labels and brands.

Innovation Safari … Making sense of change and uncertainty – finding new opportunities for innovation and growth

  • More change in the next 10 year than last 250 … What’s driving this accelerated, exponential change?
  • How every market is shaken-up, energy to finance, mobility to food … Who are the new winners and losers?
  • Riding the megatrends, how to embrace the big shifts and new customer agendas … Where should you focus?

Wild Animals … Competing in markets of relentless change – learning from the world’s most innovative companies

  • Having a growth not fixed mindset, inspired by Satya Nadella and Jessica Tan
  • Inspired innovation from Kering and Peleton,  Glossier and StockX, Haier and Jio
  • Thinking from the outside in to reframe your business, and redefine your purpose

Bounty Hunters … Driving business transformation as a core capability  – build a portfolio to win today and tomorrow

  • Starting from the future back, rather than always working now forwards, stretching the legacy of today
  • Inspired transformation, Burberry and Porsche, Netflix and Orsted PingAn and DBS
  • Building a future-today portfolio for relentless change, being a today and tomorrow business

Innovation Leaders … Leaders in a world of change – the challenge of seizing and shaping the future to your advantage

  • Leading in a complex and uncertain world, inspired by Ugur Sahin, Jeff Bezos and Masayoshi Son
  • 7 ways to become an ambidexterous leader, combining physical and digital, thinking long and short-term
  • Being curious, creative and courageous

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