Disrupt or be Disrupted, in Kuwait

February 5, 2018 at IE Business School, Kuwait

Introducing the new Global Advanced Management Program from IE Business School

Peter Fisk introduces IE Business School’s flagship executive development program, the new Global Advanced Management Program (Global AMP), over 4 weeks preparing the next generation of business leaders for the C-Suite. Uniquely amongst business schools, it is practically set in the context of a changing world – with incredible opportunities to grow in innovative ways – but also where tensions such as technology vs humanity, global vs local, and business vs consumer are challenging businesses to rethink, reinvent and refocus.

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The  program has been designed specifically to prepare current and future leaders, and their businesses, for the challenges which they face now and in the coming years. Focusing on leadership in a world of disruptive change, the Global AMP will help you understand the underlying trends driving the future which are already shaking up your industry, explore the threats and opportunities these bring, and respond accordingly.

Divided into 5 core academic modules, each designed and orchestrated by expert faculty, the program will lead you through the challenge of understanding mega-trends such as technological change, our role in a world where AI and robotics make many traditional jobs irrelevant, scarce physical resources and changing demographics.

How will you shape the new markets formed by these trends to the advantage of your business? Where will you focus, and how will you compete? How will you engage with the future customers – Asian, millennial, female – and those in markets that do not even exist today? What are your new business models to drive speed, agility and profitable growth?

Be the disrupter, not the disrupted.

The program focuses on devising new solutions, delivered by the right organisations and strategies, to succeed in such a brave new world. Energising and aligning the business to the strategic needs of the future will require that it becomes faster and more agile and we will learn how to use areas such as finance and operations, partnerships and networks, as levers for growth.

Most significantly, we will help you develop yourself as a leader of this dynamic world – to build a leadership platform, and exploit it skilfully to implement change that builds organisations that are themselves a source of competitive strength.

Alongside these academic modules, the program also includes practical application, with each participant developing a Gamechanger Project from they will create a blueprint for the future of their industry, a plan for how their business can reinvent itself, and define their own role in leading their company or division towards this future successfully.

Finally, the Leadership Development Plan helps each participant, along with an individual advisor, focus on their own specific strengths and weaknesses and actions that they can take to become an effective leader, and to sustain high personal and business performance.

Introduction and inspirational masterclass

Peter Fisk, program director and lead professor on the Global AMP, will lead this initial event which will give you a flavour of this new and innovative program, together with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the benefits to individuals and organisations.

  • 0900 – 1030 : Zain Group
  • 1100 – 1230 : Boubyan Bank
  • 1400 – 1530 : KFAS
  • 1830 – 2100: Public Session

Making sense of a changing world

  • World changing – the next 10 years of incredible challenge and opportunity
  • Resolving paradoxes – resolving the tensions of a fragmented, chaotic world

Disrupt or be disrupted

  • Global innovators – learning from the world’s 100 most disruptive innovators
  • Disrupt or be disrupted – the mindset required to shape and lead the future

How will you lead the future?

  • Think different – from the future back, outside in, logic and intuition – from fixed to growth mindset
  • Courageous leaders – have the confidence to shape the future in your own vision … to be bold, brave, and brilliant

Global AMP

  • Who is it for – senior executives moving to the C-suite, functional to organisational leader
  • How is it different – context of the changing world, change drivers and being the change
  • Why you need it now – individuals in driving the future, and organisations in leading it