Changing the Game of Logistics

June 27, 2016 at Dublin

Gamechangers: Developing the strategic horizons to shape markets to your advantage

The world of exhibitions, from conferences to trade shows is changing rapidly. In a connected, and digital world, events provide more than a simple platform for communication. They become more sophisticated in their activities and impact, and also in their global spread and formats.

For the companies that make these events happen, in particular logistics providers, there are many new challenges. Agility and speed, staging and technology, safety and security, are all constantly evolving requirements. Specialist providers need to constantly raise their games, think in new ways, work together in networks, develop new business models, in order to deliver on the aspirations of exhibitors and organisers.

Download a summary of my keynote at IELA Dublin 2016:

Across the world, new ideas, new businesses and new solutions are transforming every market. “Gamechangers” think and act differently. They innovate every aspect of their brand and marketing.

From Alibaba to Zipcars, Ashmei to Zidisha, Azuri and Zynga, a new generation of businesses are rising out of the maelstrom of economic and technological change across our world. These are just a few of the companies shaking up our world.

Gamechangers are disruptive and innovative, start-ups and corporates, in every sector and region, reshaping our world. They are more ambitious, with stretching vision and enlightened purpose. They see markets as kaleidoscopes of infinite possibilities, assembling and defining them to their advantage. They find their own space, then shape it in their own vision. Most of all they have great ideas. They outthink their competition, thinking bigger and different. They don’t believe in being slightly cheaper or slightly better. That is a short-term game of diminishing returns.

We asked 1000 business leaders to nominate the companies who they believe are creating the future in each different sector. The top 100 innovators are big and small, spread across every sector and continent, from Asia to the Americas, finance to fashion. And then we wanted to understand what they did differently.

They range from well known innovators like Amazon and Apple – the magic Dash buttons creating a direct link between consumer and brands, the ecosystems that go beyond devices – to new brands like Brazil’s Beauty’in fusing the world of food and cosmetics, or even Zespri redefining the obscure Chinese gooseberry as the superfood Kiwi fruit.

They capture their higher purpose in more inspiring brands that resonate with their target audiences at the right time and place, enabled by data and technology, but more through empathetic design and rich human experiences. They fuse digital and physical, global and local, ideas and networks. Social media drives reach and richness, whilst new business models make the possible profitable. They collaborate with customers, and partner with other business, connecting ideas and utilising their capabilities. They look beyond the sale to enable customers to achieve more, they care about their impact on people and the world, whilst being commercially successful too.

As they say in the GoogleX moonshot factory, in seeking to reinvent everything from cars to healthcare, “Why be 10% better, when you could be 10 times better?”

Kaleidoscope World … Making sense of fast changing markets to find the best new opportunities locally and globally.

Key concepts

  • Change drivers, global trends and new opportunities
  • Exploring the new customer expectations and aspirations
  • Thinking bigger, thinking different, 10 times not 10%
  • Emerging markets, powerful millenials, and new women
  • Winning in an ideas economy – outthinking your competition
  • So how could you change the world? Exploring the 10 themes

New insights

  • Aeromobil – the flying car from a little town in Slovakia
  • Li and Fung – the Hong Kong business that can do anything
  • Google X – driverless cars and free wifi from the Moonshot Factory
  • 23andMe – DNA profiling for $99 changes the future of healthcare
  • Zespri – redefining your market in your own vision, words and rules
  • Corning – industrial manufacturing is about people and emotions too

Distruptive Innovators … Learning from the next generation of business and brands, to drive innovation and growth

Key concepts

  • The world’s 100 most disruptive businesses and brands
  • The future of banking, technolodgy, retail, healthcare and more
  • Why fast speedboats will beat the big supertankers
  • Being digital and physical, to create reach and richness
  • Designing new business models, including 36 new templates
  • Driving innovation, that disrupts and transforms markets

New insights

  • Airbnb – the sharing economy beats the old economy
  • Juan Valdez – better than Starbucks with local authenticity
  • Nespresso – the power and profitability of new business models
  • Tesla – harnessing technology to make life better
  • Umpqua Bank – learning from anywhere but your competitors
  • Xiaomi – from start-up to global superstar in three years

Winning Strategies … Creating innovative strategies to outthink the competition and shape markets in your own vision

Key concepts

  • Building brands that are inspiring, collaborative and enabling
  • Combining big data with big ideas to focus and engage people
  • Telling stories, through liquid and linked content that keeps moving
  • Real time marketing, that is fast and personal, real and believable
  • Creating richer customer experiences, about customers not products
  • Building communities that connect and mobilise people

New insights

  • GE – connecting the ideas of B2C to B2B businesses
  • Jonny Cupcakes – turning t-shirts into a richer experience
  • Nike+ – its not about the shoes, its how fast you can run
  • Periscope – inspired by revolution, how new ideas go viral
  • Rapha – building clubs and communities around people and passion
  • Threadless – being a little crazy, and more loved, in a changing world

Be the Gamechanger … how you can drive innovation, change and growth … how will your change your game?

Key concepts

  • Where to start – where you’re a big company or small company
  • Building your momentum – finding ways to accelerate growth
  • What leaders do – the new role and rules for effective leadership
  • Changing your brain, to change your game
  • Getting started with the Gamechangers Toolkit
  • Being bold, brave and brilliant
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