“Gamechangers” at the Nordic Sales & Marketing Summit

March 16, 2017 at Copenhagen

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How to innovate your market, your business, and drive growth through new approaches to brands, marketing and sales.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” said Abraham Lincoln.

The best opportunities for business – to find new growth, to engage customers more deeply, to stand out from the crowd, to improve their profitability – is by seizing the opportunities of changing markets. The best way to seize these changes is by innovating – not just innovating the product, or even the business itself – but by innovating the market.

In the old world we accepted markets as a given – the status quo – and competed within it, with slightly different products and services, or most usually by competing on price. Most new products were quickly imitated, leading to declining margins and commoditisation. Most companies now receognise that this is not a route to long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

Fast-changing markets demand fast-changing businesses.

Winning in this new world requires a bigger ambition – to change the game, not just play the game. Winners recognise that markets are malleable, geography is irrelevant and categories are outdated, that boundaries blur and new spaces emerge, and that practices and perceptions can be shaped to your advantage.

“Gamechangers” innovate their market, and then innovate their business with exponential impact – like WhatsApp creating $19bn in three years, Uber $60bn in 5 years. They start from the future back, making sense of change, seeing the new patterns and possibilities, harnessing the power of ideas and digital networks to win in new ways. This requires new leadership thinking, and for the whole business to innovate.

Nordic Sales and Marketing Summit

Peter kicks off the summit by exploring what it takes to win in today’s fast-changing markets, drawing on inspiration from the world’s most innovative companies, and those in Denmark:

  • World changing … the driving forces of change, and the new opportunities for growth across markets, new trends and insights, new ways of working
  • Changing the game … 100 disruptive innovators who are shaking up every sector and geography right now, what can you learn from their success?
  • Innovative strategies … how to rethink, refocus and reinvent your strategy for growth, and in particular through marketing and sales
  • Be the gamechanger … why you should be the catalyst of change, innovation and growth in your business.

Download a summary of his keynote here:

Gamechangers Denmark 2017

The finalists for the Gamechangers Denmark Awards 2017 are:

Read more about them: Designer Danes … Lego to Momondo, Pandora to Vipp … Who are Denmark’s most disruptive innovators?

Workshops in Denmark

Peter Fisk, in partnership with Speakers Club will be hosting a number of high-energy, smart-thinking, fast-action workshops in Copenhagen in the coming months:

Workshop 1: Creative Disruption: big ideas for smart innovation and exponential growth

“This is the age of disruption … which is not simply about disruptive technologies, but dramatically changing how people think and behave” says Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity. The best companies increasingly shape their industries in their own vision. They redesign them to their advantage, and even in ways which make it hard for other companies to compete. Jack Welch once said “You need to destroy your own business before somebody else does – to think like to challenger, a start-up, a disruptor”. Whilst disruption is typically overused as a term and under delivered in reality, it can be a powerful approach to strategic thinking, holistic innovation and culture change..


  • To develop radical ideas and disruptive innovations that will shake-up your market


  • Growth Hacking: exploring your future from the “future back” with no rules, no limits
  • Design Thinking: embracing your best insights into emotional, irrational customers
  • Rule Breakers: rethinking every “rule” (assumption, convention) of your market
  • Rethinking Assets: defining every asset, then exploring how it could be used new ways
  • Border Crossing: applying ideas from other markets and companies (what would Apple do)
  • Accelerated creativity: generating more ideas faster, connecting and stretching them further
  • Rapid evaluation: prioritising the best ideas so far (HML x 4) and making the best better
  • Concept definition: defining each emergent concept, customer and technical specifications
  • Exponential Impact: making disruption happen and stick, accelerating “exponential” growth

Workshop 2. Rethink Marketing: Innovative strategies for brands and marketing

Markets are changing rapidly, global and connected, fast and dynamic, convergent and connected. Customers are changing even more rapidly, millennial to boomer, social and mobile, empowered and aspiring. Business is changing in response, start-ups and networks, co-creaters and collaborative, digital and data, fast and agile. The question is how have your marketers, and their marketing changed? Are you keeping pace with this fast changing environment, or hanging on to old models of success – home markets, established brands, hero products, advertising and websites, agency creativity, old channels – and still seeking to build relationships with customers who trust you no more, and are probably not your best customers anyway? Marketing in fast and connected, digital and realtime markets is different.


  • To develop innovative and integrated marketing strategies for realtime impact


  • Market Mapping: exploring fast-changing markets, and new customer insights and trends
  • Market Strategies: innovating your market and marketing – change the why, who, what and how
  • Brand Propositions: creating a more inspiring brand, relevant and topical propositions and solutions
  • Brand impact: storytelling into realtime communication, customisation and communitie

Workshop 3:  Business Innovation: Creating new business models for profitable growth

New business models are the most effective way to transform organisations, to innovate the whole way in which the business works. Inspired by a new generation of businesses – Airbnb to Uber, Dollar Shave Club to Netflix – we see dramatically new business models in every market, through collaborative platforms, data analytics and personal recommendations, or subscription-based payments. We explore at least 64 different business model templates which could transform your business. We start with the customer, to explore emergent needs and behaviours, shaping better propositions and solutions, then exploring how to deliver them commercially, and as engaging customer experiences.


  • To explore new business models – rethinking how to deliver more profitable growth


  • Design Thinking: immersing yourself in customer worlds to find deeper insights and ideas
  • Value Propositions: defining the value to customers, how you will solve their problem better
  • New Business Models: exploring new business designs, new solutions, new channels, new pricing
  • Business Innovation aligning your whole business to deliver more revenue at less costs.

A wide range of executive development workshops – ranging from growth strategy to market disruption, brand innovation to business storytelling – are available as customised programs for your business

See you in Copenhagen!


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