Gamechangers of the Modern Marketing Circus, Aalborg

January 26, 2018 at Modern Marketing Circus, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center

Are you ready to join the circus?

Peter Fisk welcomes you to the Modern Marketing Circus. A world of marketing that has radically changed in recent years. Much more human yet sophisticated, an immersive experience rather than an entertaining show, with many new disciplines and performers.

Peter Fisk helps you innovate your market, and your marketing. To drive growth through new thinking and approaches. And the choreographed integration of all your best ideas.

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The best opportunities for brands – to find new growth, to engage customers more deeply, to stand out from the crowd, to improve their profitability – is by seizing the opportunities of changing markets. The best way to seize these changes is by innovating – not just innovating the product, or even the business itself – but by innovating the market.

In the old world we accepted markets as a given – the status quo – and competed within it, with slightly different products and services, or most usually by competing on price. Most new products were quickly imitated, leading to declining margins and commoditisation. Most companies now receognise that this is not a route to long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

Fast-changing markets demand fast-changing businesses.

Winning in this new world requires a bigger ambition – to change the game, not just play the game. Winners recognise that markets are malleable, geography is irrelevant and categories are outdated, that boundaries blur and new spaces emerge, and that practices and perceptions can be shaped to your advantage.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” said Abraham Lincoln.

So why is marketing a circus? Because circus is experiential, unpredictable, incredible, inspiring. The modern marketing circus harnesses the power of new technologies to engage people in more human, evocative and immersive ways. Gone are the lions and elephants, the advertisers and media buyers of old, we now have a far more interesting mix of disciplines. Creating phenomenal performances.

“Gamechangers” innovate their market, and then innovate their business with exponential impact – like WhatsApp creating $19bn in three years, Uber $60bn in 5 years, Alibaba 130bn in 11 years. They start from the future back, making sense of change, seeing the new patterns and possibilities, harnessing the power of ideas and digital networks to win in new ways. This requires new leadership thinking, and for the whole business to innovate.

Key points in Peter Fisk’s Aalborg keynote will include

  • Marketers create the future … they make sense of fast-changing markets, and become the driving force of disruptive innovation and future growth
  • Inspired by the world’s 100 most innovative brands … shaking up every market right now. How do they reinvent markets in their own vision … “changing the game” for consumers and brands
  • Who are the “Gamechangers Denmark” … the most disruptive innovators in our market, and how do you practically “change the game” of your brand and business
  • Redefining markets and brands in your own vision, to find new opportunities and make the competition irrelevant, to reframe markets and reach new audiences.
  • Exploring the new rules of marketing – growth hacking to design thinking, social influencers and exponential impact – inspired by next generation brands like Glossier and Supreme.
  • Getting started, taking the first steps to a better future … and what practically marketers need to do to create the future and deliver today … bold, brave and brilliant

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So who so you think are the most disruptive innovators in Denmark right now?

Read more about them: Designer Danes … Who are Denmark’s most disruptive innovators?

Download summary of GAMECHANGERS keynote by Peter Fisk

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