Gamechangers: the future of technology professionals

November 25, 2016 at Amsterdam

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We all know that technology is changing the world, in ways and at a rate like never before. Alibaba’s $28bn  sales in one day, Pokemon Go reinventing the hybrid world of gaming, remote diagnostics of aircraft as they fly above us, personalisation of offers with iBeacons as we browse a store. We see  the accelerated adoption of everything from mobility to the internet of things, robotics to augmented reality, driverless cars and renewable energy, blockchain processes and 3d printed body parts.

The real question is how technology is being most effectively harnessed in organisations to guide new possibilities, to be a driver of strategy and catalyst of innovation, rather than just a support function. How too are technology professionals, from CTO to IT Help Desks, changing their role in organisations, to enable leaders and managers to make sense, harness the full potential, and effectively deliver the organisations and innovations of the future.

In his keynote, Peter Fisk will explore

1. The changing role of technology in the business, from transactional to transformational, from enabling platforms to distinctive experiences.

2. The necessary role of technology people in business, from support function to executive leadership, from technical skills to innovation visionaries

3. The opportunity for technology professional networks and associations, from educator to enabler, from passive membership to active movement.

CEPIS is a non-profit organisation seeking to improve and promote a high standard among ICT professionals, in recognition of the impact that ICT has on employment, business and society. CEPIS currently represents 33 member societies in 32 countries across greater Europe. Through its members, who are the professional ICT bodies at national level, CEPIS represents 450,000 ICT professionals. The CEPIS Council gathers 40 delegates, who are senior representatives from national informatics associations and computer societies around Europe and beyond.

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