Future Book Forum 2015 with Canon

November 4, 2015 at Poing, Munich

The Future Book Forum will be held at Canon’s Customer Experience Centre, just outside Munich on 4-5 November 2015. Last year’s event was particularly successful in attracting around 300 industry executives, who together created “FutureBook”, a manifesto for the future of publishing.

Whilst attendees are drawn from across the value network of publishers, suppliers, printers, distributors and more, it is the changing nature of the book that brings people together. It is the future of the book that gives us a common goal – “to create the future of publishing together.”

This is about reimagining physical books in a fast-changing digital world. And how they add more value to their readers – more personal, more relevant, and more treasured. It is about securing and recreating our future together, so that we create new formats, new business models and new demand. Whilst some see the future of books as one of decline, we see a brighter future of growth.

Last year we created an “Opportunity Map 2020” for the future of publishing. Together the industry participants specified a number of imperatives, ordered by the most urgent and important.

This year we move forwards, working together over two days to start making that future a reality.

In particular we will focus on

  • Creating a showcase … Deep insights into a number of big innovations reshaping the world of books, learning from them together, and taking them further
  • Defining the business case … Sharing our projections in terms of growth, new revenue streams, costs and risks, to make a real business case to take to owners and partners
  • Defining a concept vision … Bringing the new insights, and business case, together into a bigger vision for the future of publishing articulated in clear and simple language.

This is the agenda set by the participants.

The two-day event will be facilitated by bestselling author and business expert, Peter Fisk. He is CEO of GeniusWorks, a specialist innovation firm, Visiting Professor at IE Business School, and has just published his new book Gamechangers.