Future Book Forum 2018, with Canon

November 21, 2018 at Canon Experience Center, Poing, Munich (21-22 Nov, Invitation Only)

The Future Book Forum is the world’s largest gathering of book publishers and printers, exploring the best new ideas for innovation and growth. Enabled by Canon, the event is fast and inspiring, practical and collaborative.

Over the last 4 years we set out an an ambitious journey, to define a better future for the book. Whilst we all recognise that digital technologies have fundamentally transformed lives and industries, we also recognised that it can also enhance the physical world. Making real things – in our case, books – even more personal, intelligent and useful.

2014: Future Vision … We started by creating a new inspiring view of the future of the book publishing industry, one in which publishers and printers, authors and readers, could work together to create more inspiring and more profitable experiences. Whilst most of our discussion tended to focus on the digital impact of online distribution and digital formats – with clear benefits to adopting digital technologies in the supply chain for printing on demand and personalisation – we went far beyond this.

2015: Consumer World … Most importantly we needed to understand the outside world – the changing reader, or consumer. For every one of us, the way we shop, the way we stay in touch with friends, the way in which we learn, the way in which we are entertained has been quite dramatically changed. Whilst young people have naturally embraced a new world, largely centred around their smart phones, every age group, at work and home have migrated to new ways of gaining and sharing content.

2016: Business Model … We then looked at alternative revenue and cost models. Digital printing technologies offered a simple way to reduce the risk in publishing, being able to print small batches on demand, develop regular updates and special editions, reduce warehouse stocks and speed up time to market. But this is largely a story of cost efficiency. We explored how publishers could do much more to drive growth too, to increase revenues and in particular profitability, by leveraging content in new ways.

2017: Smart Book … We defined a new DNA for the physical-digital hybrid platform which brings together the best content for the individual, delivered over time in a relevant and personal experience. How can you bring together the best of physical (tangible, browsable, artistic, treasurable) and digital (instant, customisable, efficient, updatable)? Forget the artificial division of print and digital, people consume knowledge across platforms, and therefore the best books embrace both worlds too.

This year we want to go further, again.

“Intelligent Growth” is all about data’s potential to transform the publishing world, and drive new growth.

Day 1, Inspiration:  21 November 2018

It starts with the consumer – and the need to serve them in more personal, predictive and profitable ways – harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence, platforms and clouds, to go beyond today’s world of books and ebooks, to deliver better digitally-enabled physical experiences.

0900 – 1000: Intelligent Growth, Peter Fisk, Professor at IE Business School – how can publishers embrace the power of data to create more personal, predictive and profitable book-related experiences?

0930 – 1000: Intelligent Consumers, Nick Morris, CEO Canvas8 – engaging consumers in more intelligent ways – what are the changing behaviours of people, to how they engage with content, and around the world?

1000 – 1030: Intelligent Publishers, Mark Allin, former CEO John Wiley – the need to embrace intelligence beyond content – harnessing the power of data, platforms and business models, communities and more.

1030 – 1100: Future Book Mash Up, audience co-creation – bringing together the big issues and ideas of everyone in the room!

1100 – 1130 : Break

1130 – 1200: Intelligent Technologies, Rainer Kellerhals, Microsoft – Case study of how technology is enabling every type of business to embrace data, from clouds to databases.

1200 – 1230: Intelligent Data, Tom Betts, CDO Financial Times – Case study of how data is transforming the world of newspapers, profitable with new business models.

1230 – 1300: Where’s the Growth in Intelligent Publishing? – Mark, Nick, Rainer and Tom, answer the most difficult questions.

1300 – 1430 : Lunch

1430 – 1600: Growth Accelerator – Practical workshop for all participants exploring how they can harness growth across their business models to drive growth

1600 – 1645 : Break

1645 – 1700: The Magic of Reading, Leanne McNulty, Room to Read  – more insights from our community’s nonprofit partner, helping children around the world to experience the wonders of reading through books.

1700 – 1730: Intelligent Business Models, Dan Kieren, CEO Unbound – embracing new approaches to business that combine the best of communities, participation, digital and physical experiences, for books to do more.

1730 – 1800 : The Agenda for Intelligent Growth – Mark, Dan and Sven Fund, reflecting on the best ideas for publishers to grow their businesses in smarter ways.

1900 – 0000 : Dinner at Film Casino, Munich

Day 2, Implementation: 22 November 2018

0900 – 0920 : Intelligent Technology in Publishing, Peter Fisk with Sven Fund –  rethinking the toolkit for publishers, and how they can embrace new technologies to achieve more.

0920 – 1000 : Great Examples of Innovation –  from the publishers and printers perspectives, where the future is more about process than content.

1000 – 1030 : The Publishing Innovation Toolkit, Sven Fund – what are the innovative tools in the publishing ecosystem, and 6 great examples of companies to inspire us.

1030 – 1100 : Break

1100 – 1230 : Roundtables … The Publishing Innovation Toolkit  – each participant joins one of the eight roundtables, and then a second, for 30 minutes each.

  • Increasing satisfaction – IntechOpen
  • Identifying bestsellers – Inkitt
  • New business models – Knowledge Unlatched
  • Consumer co-creation – Moo
  • Controlling inventory – Peter Lang
  • Monetising assets – Building Digital Solutions 421

1230 – 1400 : Lunch

1400 – 1500 : The Publishing Innovation Toolkit, What we learnt  – each participant joins one of the eight roundtables, and then a second, for 30 minutes each.

1500 – 1530 : Collaboration and automation, panel discussion

1530 – 1600 : Baume Custom Timepieces Series – inspiring insight into the future of the watch industry, and what we can learn from it in the world of publishing.

1600 – 1630 : The Best Ideas for Intelligent Growth, Peter Fisk … what have you learnt, what will you do … ready to change the world of publishing, again.

The event is by invitation only.

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