Find your Greatness … How to be an Exponential Leader

September 28, 2017 at BNP Paribas Leadership Forum, The Westin, Warsaw, Poland

Leaders amplify potential by enabling teams to achieve more. They do this through a more collaborative and coaching approach, rather than top-down management.

Their starting point however, is the future. Leaders are the drivers of vision and change, but also enablers of innovation and growth. They create an inspiring vision of the future, make sense of change, build a sense of possibility. They make new connections, bringing together diverse talent, activities and partners.

Elon Musk leads through inspiring vision. Jack Ma leads with cult following. Mark Parker leads with collaborative innovation. Mark Zuckerberg leads by doing stuff. Every leader leads a little differently, and leadership itself can be found at every level of the organization.

Leaders of disruptive innovation … what do the leaders of the world’s most innovative companies actually do?

The 21st century business leader is different. Whilst past leaders won through hierarchy and power, the world has changed. Technology enables new ways of working, organization structures have inverted, and organisations win through collaboration inside and out. The old model was about 2C – command and control. The new model is about 4C – catalyst, coach, connector and communicator.

Leadership is about the personal actions that drive business performance, individually and collectively. Whilst many thinkers address leadership as a distinctive capability, it is the cog that makes everything happen. Leadership cannot be developed in isolation, but in the context of business futures and actions.

Peter Fisk inspires leaders to think bigger, think different and think smarter. As a corporate leader or entrepreneur, innovation leader or market leader, he helps you to see things differently, to think different things. He works with you to make sense of change, to build winning leadership teams, and to then develop the plans, drive the innovation that will drive performance today and tomorrow.

Wowness … We live in a time of incredible change.

  • We will see more change in next 10 years than last 250 years
  • Beyond digital – robotic and human, local and global, economic and social
  • In every sector, clients and their clients see fast disruption, change and risk
  • Change is challenging and scary, but also full of incredible new possibilities
  • Alibaba to Amazon, GE to GoogleX, SpaceX to Xiaomi – and in banking too!
  • How do you make sense of this world? How do you innovate? How do you win?

Leadership … Leaders shape the future, to their advantage.

  • The mindset shift – “fixed mindset” to “growth mindset” – head up or head down
  • Real leaders – Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jack Ma, Elon Musk – and your value
  • The 3Cs of Leadership – catalyst, connector and coach – how will you use them?
  • Smarter choices, questions not answers, sense and respond, give and take
  • What is a “digital” leader, a “client-centric” leader, a “growth” leader?
  • Positive and collaborative, fast and agile … be exponential … 10x not 10%

Courage … We are all in the future business. Time to find your greatness.

  • You’re doing well. You’re a leader. Why do you need to change, and how?
  • You have a fantastic new platform … Now is the time to think and act differently.
  • Consider your “ikigai” (personal drive) and “ubunto” (what you can do together)
  • Real leaders – Martin L. King, John F Kennedy, Zinadine Zidane – and your legacy
  • We are all in the future business – it will take grit, passion, vision and courage
  • Time to find your greatness … What is one one brave thing you will do different?

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