FedEx: Enabling business to grow further and faster

February 20, 2017 at Amsterdam, Netherlands

Download summary of my keynote:Growing your business further and faster
Every business has the opportunity to grow like never before
  • Every business is global – any size of company, based in any location can compete in a global marketplace. A small business in northern Sweden can serve customers in Shanghai just as fast and effectively as a local Chinese business. And vice versa, of course.
  • Every business is hybrid – it has the ability to develop physical and digital formats, be this omnichannel retailers, or working in partnership to be represented locally. From Alibaba to Etsy, Tesla to Warby Parker … buy online, deliver to local pick-up point, return to main street store.

And as a result, the customers of these businesses have greater choice, but also greater expectations than ever before

  • Fast – when Amazon Prime, and soon its drones can deliver in hours, then our expectation is that any other company can do that too. What can we learn from Inditex or Zappos?
  • Local – if a nearby retailer can know me well, adapt to local requirements, and deliver locally, then I expect any other business to do so too. What can we learn from Airbnb or Rapha?
  • Integrated – when I use these different channels, work with their various partners or franchises, then I expect it to all work together, to the same high standard. What can we learn from Farfetch or Uber?
  • Personalised – and I increasingly expect it to be entirely personalised too, using data and intuition to learn about me, tailor to me, and ultimately treat me individually. What can we learn from Nike or Netflix?

Customers demand it, and therefore businesses demand ever more instant, intelligent and integrated solutions to their problems. Key to this is to integrate the technologies and software that underpin their experiences in more creative and collaborative ways.

In every sector you can see partners collaborating to add value in new ways. This can often mean sectors coming together in new ways. For example travel insurance built into travel luggage, or ongoing support built into  electronic products. This can quickly differentiate solutions, enhance customer experiences and add new revenue streams.

It is a typical strategy of Gamechangers. We look at case studies to include Moven helping banks to reinvent financial service experiences, Epocrates in healthcare, Square in retail, Guosto in food, Slack in workplaces, and many others.

In this event, for FedEx and its providers, we explore how they can work together to deliver exceptional support to these fast-changing business customers. Starting from the outside in, combining techniques as diverse as design thinking, experience mapping and new business to find more innovative concepts that drive innovation, customer satisfaction and new opportunities the growth of FedEx, its providers, and its customers.

More about FedEx Compatible

Empower your Business … Core FedEx functionality is built in to every certified FedEx Compatible solution, so accessing the shipping and delivery services you need, from the software you use every day, is simple and streamlined.

The FedEx Compatible program allows providers of e-commerce solutions (Shopping Cart, Ecommerce Solutions, Order Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Transportation Management and Warehouse Management) to integrate core FedEx functionality directly into their solution. This allows users simple, streamlined access to the shipping and delivery solutions they need.

Today, customers of all sizes demand integration. With the FedEx Compatible Program, customers can conveniently access FedEx and, in many cases, other transportation carriers through a single, third-party shipping solution that has passed FedEx certification testing. With the FedEx Compatible Solutions Program, FedEx services are available through these systems.

A FedEx Compatible provider:

  • Analyzes customer needs and proposes the appropriate solution.
  • Sets prices on FedEx Compatible solution software, integration services and possibly hardware.
  • Establishes an integration and installation schedule with the customer.
  • Completes integration and installation of a customer’s new shipping solution, including the FedEx functionality.
  • If using FedEx Ship Manager Server, guides the customer through the setup process on the registration web site, which allows the customer to agree to the FedEx End User License Agreements, and returns the customer’s meter number for the new shipping solution.
  • Configures the customer’s new solution with the newly assigned meter number.
  • Provides full support for the FedEx Compatible solution.

Examples of FedEx Compatible Providers:

  • Agile Network … A comprehensive enterprise platform that helps some of the largest worldwide commerce/distribution companies save money and ship better, AgileElite replaces disparate manual processes and poorly or non-integrated shipping machines and carrier provided software. Agile offers transportation management software (TMS) product solutions along with professional transportation management systems that implement cost-effective inbound and outbound solutions with one goal in mind: ship better, save money. Whether you ship 3 or 300,000 parcel and freight shipments each day, Agile has the TMS software to fit your needs and budget. Agile delivers simple solutions to complex problems. Simply point and click, and you can measure carrier performance, plan routes, execute shipping, track down to line item detail, and settle carrier invoices with integrated audit and payment services.
  • Priorship by Neopost … ProShip software takes multi-carrier shipping automation to the next level. ProShip is engineered to handle multiple origins with complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules. ProShip helps you reduce costs, simplifies the shipping process and gives you that competitive advantage in the shipping world. ProShip has been integrated with most major enterprise software solutions and is specifically designed for and certified by SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.  ProShip’s flexible and powerful architecture is currently in use at thousands of locations around the world, in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive and manufacturing, to retail, distribution and electronics. The software is fully scalable, with the ability to provide a shipping solution for a company with a single workstation or to automate an entire omni-channel distribution network.
  • ShipStation … ShipStation is a full-featured web-based shipping solution that is built for the multi-channel merchant. Easily connect to wherever you sell and start shipping in mere minutes. Forget about having to copy & paste information; it’s all imported automatically. When you ship, tracking data is automatically synced back to your shopping cart or marketplace as well as to your customer. ShipStation’s customizable and advanced feature set can help online merchant’s reduce their fulfillment time in half or more. Multi-channel: We’ll automatically import your orders from eBay and Amazon, and over 60 others sales channels, into your ShipStation account without you having to copy & paste a thing. Discounted shipping: Connect to your own FedEx account to get live contract rates and easily compare services to determine which will best fit the needs of you and your customer. Batch label creation: Create label batches in hundreds for one-click printing, with or without packing slips.
  • Full list here