Fast Leader Live … Exponential Innovation

May 7, 2020 at Online Seminar (at 0900 UK Time)

Download the presentation: Exponential Innovation by Peter Fisk.  

“Exponential Innovation” is about harnessing the power of new technologies to create new markets, new business models, and new consumer propositions, that can grow and multiply at superfast speed.

Innovation has always been about making new and unusual connections. Leonardo da Vinci leapt forwards through the power of connecting ideas from different places – art and nature, anatomy and mechanics – to imagine possibilities that did not exist in his day. Today, innovation fuses imagination with incredible capability in the form of digital technologies, that allow us to reinvent the entire way in which markets work, businesses operate, and consumers thrive.

At the heart of exponential growth, is the power of network-based business models to drive multiplying growth. Most popular is the platform model that enables a small “butterfly” organisation to curate and connect huge numbers of suppliers and consumers. From Alibaba to Airbnb we see how platform businesses are transforming every sector. How would they work in your industry? How would they disrupt your market? How would you create value? Where would you start?

We will explore the latest thinking on innovation, and in particular new business models, shaping every market.

We will also take a whirlwind journey through IE’s “Global AMP”, its innovative flagship program for senior executives ready to shape the future of their business, and themselves. It brings together the best new ideas for business, with the most useful tools for business leaders. It connects technology and humanity, business and society, art and science, profit and progress. And it is inspired by some of the most amazing companies who are shaping today’s markets, and the people who lead them.

This is not a normal development program, this will change your future. It will not just give you knowledge and capabilities, but also the courage and confidence to go beyond today, beyond what you currently imagine, to create a better future.

It’s time to be bold, brave and brilliant!