“Exponential” Marketing Summit 2016

December 6, 2016 at MCT Marketing Summit, Istanbul

Addictive Ideas + Intelligent Networks = Superfast Growth

We live in an exponential world.

  • Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider, yet owns no property
  • Facebook is the world’s largest media owner, but creates no content
  • Alibaba is the world’s most valuable retailer, despite having zero inventory
  • Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, and owns no vehicles

These companies are built on addictive ideas and intelligent networks. They grow through platforms and partnerships at unbelievable speed.

They are exponential:

  • Imagine that every year you take a step forward. Within 30 years you will have taken 30 steps … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … That is linear thinking.
  • Now imagine that you live in an exponential world. Within 30 years you will have taken a billion steps … 1 … 2 … 4 … 16 … 256 … That is exponential thinking.

Just think about the next 5 years, and how the tsunami of new technologies, will facilitate and accelerate these possibilities:

  • 50 billion devices will connect our world (the internet of things), generating over 50ZB (that’s zettabytes, which is 10 to the power of 21 bytes) of big data
  • Computing power (Moore’s law still holds, doubling power ever two years), data speeds and network reach (Metcalfe’s law, value of network is relative to the square of nodes) will grow relentlessly.
  • 1 billion robots, drones and artificial intelligence programs will design, build and deliver our goods (replacing routine human roles, but liberating us to add more value in human and creative ways).
  • Size of devices, cost of storage, relevance of geography, time to market, and the old economic frictions (the main ways in which lazy businesses still seek to profit) will decline towards zero.

The impact is exponential… WhatsApp creating $19 billion in 3 years through addictive ideas. Periscope sold for $100m before it was even launched. Add 3D printers and robotics, big data and biotech … Ideas and networks harness the power of technology and imagination to progress at speeds and magnitudes like never before … Multiplying the possibilities to grow and create value.

Are you thinking exponentially?

Exponential is the theme of our Marketing Summit in 2016 … I’ll be Istanbul for my 12th year, hosting the summit and bringing together the best marketers, role models and thought leaders from across the region. Here is the agenda with a fantastic line-up of speakers, workshops and much more:

6th December Agenda

0930 – 0940: Exponential World … Peter Fisk introduces how addictive ideas change the world.

0940 – 1000: Exponential Code … Tanyer Sonmezer shares insights from the local markets of Turkey.

1000 – 1030: Exponential Brands … Mark Ritson on brand building through exponential audiences.

1110 – 1130: Exponential Business … Mark Zeleski on how big companies can be just as exponential.

1130 – 1150: Exponential Innovation … Peter Vessenes on Bitcoin, Blockchain and your future.

1150 – 1210: What does it mean for you?

1325 – 1345: Exponential Insights … Oliver Britz on how one addictive word can transform your brand.

1345 – 1405: Exponential Experiences … Kubilay Ozerkan on how Metro is innovating food concepts.

1405 – 1425: Exponential Communications … Erg Civi on Spotify’s secret of putting humanity first.

1425 – 1445: What does it mean for you?

1520 – 1540: Exponential Change … Oliver Hupp, GfK, on transforming organisations with insight.

1540 – 1600: Exponential Retail … Ergun Guler on how Vestel see the future of brands and marketing.

1600 – 1620: Exponential Growth … Peter Fisk on how turning addictive ideas into superfast growth.

1930 – 2230: Moonshot Dinner … VIP dinner for business leaders exploring the future of marketing.

7th December Agenda

0930 – 1000: Exponential Futures … Martin Lindstrom on how “small data” can have a big impact.

1000 – 1010: Gamechangers Turkey

1010 – 1040: New Turkey … The new story of the turkish economy with Cem Seymen from CNN Turk.

1040 – 1050: Gamechangers Turkey

1135 – 1205: Exponential workshops (4 options)

1205 – 1215: Gamechangers Turkey

1345 – 1415: Exponential workshops (5 options)

1415 -1425: Gamechangers Turkey

1425 – 1455: Exponential workshops (5 options)

1455 – 1505: Gamechangers Turkey

1545 – 1615: Exponential workshops (3 Options)

1625 – 1655: CNN Debate: Lindstrom, Ritson and Vessenes

1655 – 1740: Gamechangers Turkey Awards 2016


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