Envision Lab … Innovation Masterclass

September 10, 2019 at IE Business School, Global Advanced Management Program

Are you ready to change your world?

How will you embrace the best ideas and inspirations from the world’s most innovative companies, with the practical approaches to making sense of changing markets, developing better strategies, then aligning your business to deliver more innovatively, for profitable growth?

How do you develop innovation in a world that is volatile and unpredictable? How do you implement it strategically with limited resources, and ever changing competition? We explore the new roles of leadership, new models of innovation strategy, and how to implement things fast and effectively, to deliver most impact.

The Envision Lab is about your business, and your future.

Where do you think your industry is going? What do you think it should do now and next in order to be a winner in that future world? It brings together your initial ideas from the Gamechangers Project and accelerates them into sharper, smarter blueprints for the future of your business, ready for you to lead.

The Innovation Toolkit selects 20 useful templates to take you through the “thinking process” of innovation. We will go at high speed, applied to your future business. The focus is on the frameworks, and getting you started, exploring ideas and hypotheses, which you can test and improve over time.


  1. Future Radar – how is your future world likely to change?
  2. Inspiring Vision – what is the future you dream of creating?
  3. Future Shift – what are the big differences from today?
  4. Strategic Narrative – explain the shift, and why it matters?
  5. Moonshot Thinking – what if you stretched yourself 10x?
  6. Business Framing – how could you redefine your space?
  7. Growth Compass – what are the relevant opportunities?
  8. Opportunity Sizing – which opportunities should you go for?
  9. Extreme Users – what are the extremes of this future?
  10. Customer Insights – what might customers want?


  1. Value Proposition – who’s the customer, and what do they want?
  2. Disruption Drivers – what’s driving change, why is it necessary?
  3. Rule Breakers – what are the conventions, and how could they change?
  4. Parallel Ideas – the best inspirations from other relevant places?
  5. Idea Storming – bringing together all the best ideas, more, more, more?
  6. Creative Fusions – how could you connect these ideas in novel ways?
  7. Innovation Filters – which are the best ideas to progress?
  8. Concept Definition – shaping a bigger, richer, better concept?
  9. Innovation Portfolio – how might this take shape over time?
  10. Future Roadmap – starting future back, how will you get there?

Previous sessions:

Session 1: STRATEGIC INNOVATION by Peter Fisk

Download a summary of masterclass: Strategic Innovation

  • Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci … anatomist, sculptor, artist, inventor, architect
  • Growth strategies – innovation beyond products, technology, and creativity
  • Starting from the future back – create the future you want, then work backwards
  • Working from the outside in – rethinking solutions through customer eyes
  • 10 types of innovation – products and services to business models and experiences
  • Blue oceans, design thinking, open and agile, lean and frugal, sprints and hacks
  • Innovating how we innovate – profiling your innovation DNA

Session 2: DISRUPT OR BE DISRUPTED by Peter Fisk 

Download a summary of masterclass: Disrupt of be Disrupted

  • Disrupt or be disrupted – challenging the status quo, from tech to market disruption
  • Start with the right question – what is the problem you are trying to solve
  • What would x do – seeing the problem from different perspectives and cultures
  • Making unusual connections – seeing things differently, parallels and idea fusions
  • Ecosystems, from make or buy, to partner and connect, platforms and communities
  • Innovation multipliers – accelerate ideas further and faster to accelerate growth
  • Creating a growth factory – portfolios, self-tuning and the invincible company


Download a summary of masterclass: Gamechanging Strategies

  • Gamechanging – what do we mean by “the game” and how to “change” it?
  • Reframing – change the why – rethinking the context, purpose, applications
  • Refocusing – change the who – rethinking the markets, audiences, occasions
  • Reinventing – change the what – rethinking the product, service, experience
  • Reconfiguring – change the how – rethinking the process, channel, payment
  • Innovation to impact – creating a “gamechanging” business strategy

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