“Changing the Game” Executive Retreat

January 11, 2017 at East Grinstead

0900 – 1030    Exploring the future

  • Seizing the opportunities of change to shape the future in our own vision
  • Learning from the world’s most disruptive innovators –  in tech, telecoms and beyond
  • Alibaba to Airbnb, Baidu to Buzzfeed, new markets to cloud services, and much more
  • Exploring what drives market disruption and faster growth in today’s markets

1100 – 1230    Changing the game

  • Finding your best new opportunities to accelerate growth in Jersey Telecom
  • Deep diving for new insights about current and future customers
  • More creative approach to business problem solving and ideation
  • Exploring innovative strategies to create and shape your better future

1330 – 1500    New Business Models

  • Rethinking our propositions, solutions and business models in Jersey Telecom
  • Developing new business models to drive new revenues and growth
  • Considering new revenue streams, pricing and profit models
  • Working in partnerships to make this happen in more effective ways

1530 – 1700    Horizon Planning

  • Shaping an inspiring future vision based on what we know, for Jersey Telecom
  • Mapping out the growth horizons towards this, working future back
  • Considering the practical starting points, and challenges to current priorities
  • Agreeing our vision, and the key implications as a business, and as business leaders

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