The Best You Can Be

October 22, 2015 at London

Winning in a VUCA world … We live in a time of incredible change, of challenge and opportunity like never before – volatile but vibrant, uncertain and unreal, complex but crazy, ambiguous yet astounding, the impact you can have. WhatsApp creating $19bn in 3 years. Shifts in power, the potential of technology, speed of innovation, expectation of customers, and new possibilites for growth.

Everything is shaken up … China outgrows America. Millennials outthink boomers. 23andMe predicts your future health. Airbnb offers more rooms than Hilton. Coursera enables everyone to be great., Google X plans to give the world free wifi. Li and Fung enables you to do anything, Nespresso increases coffee spend by 800%, and Xiaomi challenges Apple for tech leadership.

What will you do? … There has never been a more important or exciting time to be in business. To shape the future. To see things differently, think different things. To harness the power of ideas, to create and collaborate, to drive innovation and growth, individually and together. It’s time to be bold, be brave and be brilliant.