Abdi Ibrahim XL8 Growth Accelerator

June 13, 2022 at Istanbul, Turkey

Next XL8 events

  • XL8 Module 4, Growth Solutions on 13 June 2022, 0830-1200, at Hilton Maslak
    • Smarter Innovation
    • New Business Models
    • Transforming Markets
  • XL8 Module 5, Growth Partners on 13 Junel 2022, 1300 – 1530, at Hilton Maslak
    • Doctors and Patients
    • Smart HCP Partnerships
    • Building a Better Ecosystem

Where are the best opportunities to grow further and faster?

XL8 is a growth accelerator, working with Abdi Ibrahim’s commercial teams to engage with markets in new ways, drive innovation in sales and marketing approaches, and unlock opportunities to accelerate revenue streams, and unlock new opportunities.

Finding growth means opening your eyes to new possibilities – to the fast growth markets of Asia, Africa and South America, or to the new consumers, such as women, millennials and boomers. It means redefining purpose in a way that is relevant, refocusing strategy on markets, and particular the new profit pools, and innovating business models and customer experiences for growth. It also means ensuring that growth is profitable – it is easy to be big, but to create profits, and sustained value, is much harder.

What are the growth engines of business today?

  • Markets – finding the best spaces for growth in existing and new markets, for example in new geographies, in niche segments, in adjacent markets, or elsewhere –  in the past we assuming that we continue to focus on the same domains, today growth starts with choice of markets. Think of audiences, segments, geographies, therapeutic areas etc.
  • Customers – redefining your business around what customers seek to achieve, rather than what you do, gives you huge space to meet their needs better through more joined-up and relevant solutions – enabling them to achieve more, and you to create and capture more value. Start with the patient, and think of doctors and others as partners.
  • Brands – using your most powerful assets to do more, extending into new markets and categories, through the lens of brands, extensions and innovation. This requires a brand that is about a bigger idea rather than limit to one product and activity, and then opens up the opportunity for related products and services, and more.
  • Networks – forget the old thinking about core capabilities where you had to produce and distribution everything, find the best opportunities and ideas, then bring together the right partners to exploit it. Think communities, partnerships, and other collaborations. Networks have an exponential effect, on supply and demand.
  • Business models – rethinking the way your business works, in particular the different revenues and cost streams. Consider alternative business models, such as freemium, subscription or time-based – both to generate income, but also to engage customers in more distinctive ways.

XL8 projects

There are 10 projects, which participants work on throughout the program

  • Team 1: Global Brand
  • Team 2: New NR Products
  • Team 3: NR Effectiveness
  • Team 4: Pharmacy Loyalty
  • Team 5: Big City Hospitals
  • Team 6: Stronger Generics
  • Team 7: Mature Products
  • Team 8: New Local Market
  • Team 9: Accelerate Launches
  • Team 10: Private Hospitals

Project teams and tasks

  • Each project team has a specific “growth” topic to focus on (see below)
  • Teams are cross-functional, essentially self-managed, and have a sponsor
  • There are specific tasks between each workshop, using workshop content
  • Final project presentations will be made by each team in October workshop

Project tasks for 12 April

  • Project card: What is the project definition, team and sponsor, key challenge, and deliverable?
  • What is the “growth ambition” for the project, over next 3 years? (ie could we dream of achieving)
  • What are the “change drivers” which are shaking up the area? (because change drives opportunity)
  • What are the “growth opportunities” to drive profitable growth? (initial thinking on best opportunities)
  • Prepare this in 1-3 slides (3-5 mins), for presentation at the start of workshop on 12 April

Presentation downloads

  • FutureMakers Keynote by Peter Fisk, Innovation Day, 21 January 2021
  • XL8 Module 1, Growth Platforms on 21 January 2022

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